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Shirley L.
Bee pack

Thanks Graham for all your help. The NUC was easy to transfer. Graham also answers any questions i have about the bees.

Sylvia O.
Buzz-pack Supreme

I was so happy to go with the buzz-pack Supreme package; being a total novice it was reassuring when Graham from the Buzzbee team came and inspected the place I wanted to put the girls. He came back 3 days later and was extremely helpful with the transfer of the nuk into the hive and also did let me have "hands-on" experience to inspect the girls.

We are so happy that you selected a service that would support you as a first time beekeeper. It is in all our interests to make sure our bees survive and thrive in any environment that they are placed into. We love supporting novice beekeepers in any way we can wether that is through giving advice and/or supplying the necessary equipment to support your bee colony. Happy beekeeping!

Happy Bees

I am a newbee and received my first Nuc from Buzzbee in November. Graham was excellent with everything from communication to delivery, set up and information. The bees are doing really well. The hive is full of brood and honey and ready for the honey super. Thanks Buzzbee for a great start to my beekeeping.

You are welcome! We hope that you have many years of enjoyable bee keeping ahead of you and are always here to help.

Beginner bee keeper.

Thank you Graham for delivering my nuc of bees a couple of weeks ago and helping to choose the perfect site in my garden for the hive. I have had great pleasure watching them settle in and they have been working hard. You can see all the pollen on them as they go into the hive. They are loving the clover flowers so now we can’t mow the yard!!! As a beginner beekeeper i really appreciated the support during the whole process and your patience in answering all our questions. My Italian bees are so gentle and are a wonderful addition to our backyard.. thank you again for your help in the start of a wonderful adventure of bee keeping 🙂🐝🐝🐝

We are so happy to see your obvious enthusiasm for your new bees. As for your yard, mowing the lawn will not affect you bees much, they will just find what they need elsewhere. Unless you enjoy watching them more that using your lawn, in that case, let it grow!

Peter S.

Fantastic Nuc of bees.
Easy to transfer
Appreciate all the help

Thank you for your review. We are very glad to help.



Ask a Question
  • Hi Can I set something like this up in a big apartment ground floor courtyard ?

    You will need to check with your appartment managment as so to allow this. Some apartment managment will be very excited about this, others might be more cautions. We have even seen examples where beehives have been places on appartment landings high up with in appartments away from the ground floor but again you will need to check whether this allowed. 

    You might have to build a case to ensure your beehive is away from other tennants, that refquency you will be managing them and more to provide confort with your aparment managment. Please let us know how this goes for you.

  • Do your bee packs include a queen or do you have to buy that seperately

    There is no need to buy an additional queen bee as she is included with the Bee-Packs. She is included together with some drones and a few thousand worker bees. Together this is a colony of bees that are included within our NUC hives.

  • Does the bee pack include a queen

    The NUC Packages of bees that we sell include one Queen Bee, a few Dromes and few thousand Worker Bees.

    These all together forms what is called a colony of bees.

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