BUZZ-Pack Delivery PLUS with Premium NUC Hive [DEPOSIT ONLY]


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BUZZ-Pack Delivery PLUS with NUC Hive - Buzzbee Bees

Pre-order your colony of bees for Spring 2021

At Buzzbee we can get your Spring 2021 season off to a speedy start with these tried and tested Buzzbee BUZZ-Pack packages of bees. In order to deliver this, our bees come on full deep frames. The Buzz-Pack Plus package also includes the optional fully assembled, wooden, very versatile Premium 5 Frame Fully Assembled NUC Beehive.

  • All Italian bees are of the highest quality
  • NUC’s are 100% Australian Made
  • Frames are made from Sustainable New Zealand Pine
  • We introduce bees straight into NUC’s to allow them to get settled quickly and reduce stress.
  • You will have bees in time for the fruiting crops as well as tree pollen, that could help achieve a good start to the season, our first two batches will be in Victoria in October.

    These bees are characterised by all the normal Italian traits: easy to work with, great temperament, good honey producers and suitable for hives in warmer climates.


    When will packages be available?

    Buzzbee-Packs will be available throughout Spring from an estimated start by mid-October*. We will make them available to customers for collection early morning, or after dusk.

    • Group 1
    • Mid October 2021*
    • Group 2
    • Late October 2021*
    • Group 3
    • Mid November 2021*
    • Group 4
    • Late November 2021 *


    Where does Buzzbee Delivery and Service?

    At Buzzbee we offer a delivery (BUZZ-Pack Delivery PLUS) and full service (BUZZ-Pack Service Supreme & BUZZ-Pack Service Utimate) for BUZZ-Packs of Bees. With packs that include delivery, we operate a zoning system which has a surcharge for deliveries outside our 25km radius. (See the zones below) If you find yourself outside of this zoning, it is likely we still may be able to assist you. Please contact us if you are located outside of zone 3.

    Zone 1 - 0 to 25km (BUZZ-Pack Delivey PLUS | BUZZ-Pack Service Supreme | BUZZ-Pack Service Utimate)

    Zone 2 - 25 to 50km (BUZZ-Pack Service Supreme & BUZZ-Pack Service Utimate)

    Zone 3 - 50 to 100km (BUZZ-Pack Service Supreme & BUZZ-Pack Service Utimate)

    Zone 4 - 100 to 250km (BUZZ-Pack Service Supreme & BUZZ-Pack Service Utimate)


    Packages Available.

    There are five packages available.

    • BUZZ-Pack Pickup
    • $350 /refund dep.
    • This BUZZ-Pack Pickup package fits anyone who is on a budget, has the knowledge and confidence to transfer a colony of bees from a NUC to their own beehive.
    • The NUC has a deposit of $230 where the cost will be returned to the customer, if the NUC is returned within 14 days and that its deemed to be in good condition. Inital cost is $150 (Bee Deposit) + $200 (Bee Balance) + $230 (NUC Deposit) = $580. Final cost of Buzz-Pack Pickup package is $580-$230(NUC Deposit Refunded pending terms) = $350.
    • BUZZ-Pack Pickup PLUS
    • $560 /total
    • The BUZZ-Pack Pickup PLUS package works for anyone who lives a reasonable distance from the Eastern Suburbs and don't want to return the NUC hive. Its also ideal for people on a budget, has the knowledge and confidence to transfer a colony of bees from a NUC to their own beehive.
    • Inital cost is
      $150 (Bee Deposit) +
      $200 (Bee Balance) +
      $210 (NUC PLUS at a $20 discount)
      = $560.
      Final cost of Buzz-Pack Pickup PLUS package is $560.
    • Current Selection
    • BUZZ-Pack Delivery PLUS
    • $660 /zone 1
    • The BUZZ-Pack Delivery PLUS package is designed for customers whom have a busy lifestyle and can't find the time to pick up the colony of bees themselves. This also enables you the customer to undertake the transfer of bees into your own larger hive when its convenient to you.
    • Inital cost is
      $150 (Bee Deposit) +
      $200 (Bee Balance) +
      $210 (NUC PLUS at $20 discount) +
      $100 Zone 1 Delivery
      Final cost = $660.
    • BUZZ-Pack Service Supreme
    • $550 /zone 1
      $650 /zone 2
      $750 /zone 3
      $Call /zone 4
    • If you need the transfer of your colony of bee to be done correctly, then we can help with the BUZZ-Pack Service Supreme. We will not only deliver the colony of bees but also undertake various check of your hives location, provide a wealth of tips and hints, also undertake the correct placement of the bees into their new home. This package does not enable you keep the NUC hive.
    • Inital cost is
      $150 (Bee Deposit) +
      $200 (Bee Balance) +
      Zone Price
      Final Cost = $550/$650/$750/$Call.
    • BUZZ-Pack Service Ultimate
    • $760 /zone 1
      $860 /zone 2
      $960 /zone 3
      $Call /zone 4
    • If you need help all the way through the process, our full service BUZZ-Pack Service Ultimate is for you. This enables us to not only help you through every step of the way from preparing the location for your new Beehive, delivery of your bees, tips and hints, recommendations and of course the transfering correctly your precious colony of bees to their new home. The added bonus is once the bees are out of the NUC Hive, its yours to keep in the event you need to prevent swarming of your hive, capture a new colony or even undertake a spit of your bees in the future.
    • Inital cost is
      $150 (Bee Deposit) +
      $200 (Bee Balance) +
      $210 (PLUS NUC at $20 discount) +
      Zone Price
      Final Cost = $760/$860/$960/$Call.


    Buying a new colony/swarm of bees can be quite confusing so please do contact us if you have any questions.

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