High Quality Langstroth Beehive (8 or 10 Frames)

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Size: 8 Frame Size
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colin m.
quality hives

The gear from buzzbee is good quality at a fair price
Delivery is always very quick

Mark Y.
New Bee Hive prompt delivery. Very smart looking

I constructed the hive in a day. The dovetails needed a little tweaking but nothing a sharp chisel could not fix!
Good instructions and the complicated parts - the lid and base were already made! Oil finish on the outside and melted bees wax to coat the inside.
I was surprised by the plastic foundation - I have only used wire and wax - but happy to see how they go. I think there should have been a picture of these frames on the website

Colin C.

High Quality Langstroth Beehive (8 or 10 Frames)

Happy with product, service, Great job Buzzbee

Excellent, delivery was fast, quality of hive excellent, easy to put together, Great business to deal with,

Lynne B.
Fast delivery and great quality

Delivered very quickly. Great quality and easy to assemble



Ask a Question
  • HI , I am ordering your Langstroth Beehive (10 frames). You mentioned in your reply that I can paint the hive. Is there any particular paint that I must use and do I paint both in and outside the box? You mentioned that the frames use plastic foundation which are already bees wax coated. When the frames are harvested, do I simply scrap of the honey and combs and leave the plastic in the frames and reuse these frames ?? Thank you

    Our Beehives come flat packed allowing you to assemble these at your leisure and paint the colours you wish. We would recommend with a good quality exterior grade paint PVA (oil or water based). The alternative is using a silicon based sealer of which we use, this ensures that the wood is very well sealed whilst repels water off the surface of the coating. You need to only paint the outside and the top and bottoms of the supers/brood boxes. As a general rule, anything that the bee touches INSIDE the beehive must not be painted.

    The plastic foundation is pre-wax coated for our customers ease and to aid the quick building of comb on the foundation. Once drawnout, this behaves in exactly in the same way as traditional foundation. Honey would be extracted in the same way using an extractor or it can be scraped back to the foundation and allowing the bees to rebuild the comb. One of the brilliant elements that we like about plastic foundation is its toughness allowing users to reuse over and over again. 

  • HI, are your beehives painted, coated or treated against the sun and rain? And are the hard plastic foundation coated with bees wax? Are the bees happy with plastic template as foundation ?? Thank you

    We allow our customer to customise their beehives exactly the way they want. As a result the beehives come flat-pack (bee Super & Boxes) whlist the ventelated floor, roof and inner cover are fully assembled. Our customers can then paint and treat their beehive based on their choosing.

    In order to easily assemble the frames its best to use plastic foundation that are wax coated, this aleviates the use of additional tools and aquipment required in building frames with wax foundation. In addition using the plastic foundation *bees wax coated", is much quicker to build. We use this foundation all the time and have no problem with using it. It is for the above reasons we have chosen to supply this foundation in the package. 

  • Do you sell wax sheets if so how how much

    We do sell Wax Foundation which is available at https://buzzbee.com.au/products/australian-bees-wax-foundation-langstroth-deep

    Sheets sizes that are available are 20, 50, 100 and 200. These Wax Foundation sheets are also compatable with these frames from this beehive.

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