Langstroth Beehive (8 or 10 Frames)


Hive Size: 8 Frame Size
Built & Painted: Unassembled
Frames: No Frames
Sale price$270.60
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This popular double super Langstroth hive is designed with all the essential parts so you can get started straight away. This to be easily used and is the most commonly in use today. This is also arguably the best designed hive for a beginner.

This is a perfect starter hive to learn the different parts of the hive, whilst being available in two sizes.

You have an option to build it yourself or let us assemble it for you so it arrives ready to go.

The following is included:

Choose from 8 or 10 Frame Size
1x Floor/Base including entrance reducer
2x Full depth hive box
1x Queen excluder
1x Inner cover with feeding hole/bee extraction hole
1x Lid including tin top (telescopic)

Made from sustainable New Zealand Pine

* Due to the size and weight, this product is not applicable for free delivery.

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