High Quality Langstroth Beehive (8 or 10 Frames)

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Hive Size: 8 Frame Size
Built & Painted: Unassembled
Frames: Frames Unassembled (Plastic Foundation Wax Coated)
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High Quality Langstroth Telescopic Beehive
Available in 8 and 10 Frame Sizes

This popular double deep super Langstroth hive is designed with all the essential parts so you can get started straight away. This is easily the most popular hive design available today and is also arguably the best designed hive for a beginner.

This is a perfect starter hive to learn the different parts of the hive, whilst being available in two sizes.

The following is included in the Buzzbee Beehive:

  • 8 or 10 Frame Buzzbee Langstroth Beehive
    • Ventilated Floor (not the cheaper flat floor)
    • 2 x Deep Full sized Boxes
      • one for the brood
      • one for the honey super
    • Queen Excluder to keep the queen bee down in the bottom brood box
    • Inner cover which has many uses
      • used as a ceiling in the hive.
      • when used in conjunction with top feeders, can feed the bees.
      • when adding a bee escape to the centre, can assist in clearing the bees from the honey super for harvesting.
    • Roof/Outer Cover  (telescopic)
  • Frames (depending choice of beehive)
    • 8 Frame Beehive -
      • 16 Quality New Zealand Pine Wooden Frames
      • 16 Plastic hard wearing plastic foundation wax coated
    • 10 Frame Beehive -
      • 20 Quality New Zealand Pine Wooden Frames
      • 20 Plastic hard wearing plastic foundation wax coated

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