Auto Honey Flow Hive - 7 Flow Frame Beehive

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Auto Honey Flow Hive

  • This kit includes the whole wooden beehive however the 7pcs flow frames are optional. Please note that no bees are included in this kit. Bees will need to be sources locally or contact us directly where we may have some calm NUC hives available.
  • Dimensions of the hive floor area is approximately 510mm plus extra overhang, by 410mm. The height is approximately 700mm when fully assembled.
  • The hive is made from kiln dried fir and meets the 5% international moisture content standards. This ensures the timber does not crack or deform when is use.
  • This hive has been specifically designed to be assembled for the 7pcs auto flow honey frames.
  • Auto Flow Harvesting: In order to harvest the honey from the auto flow frames, just insert the long key into the length of the frame and rotate 90 degrees. The delicious, untouched, unprocessed, raw pure honey will then slowly start pouring out from the bottom of the Auto Flow Frames. The honey can be bottled in jars straight away or bulk stored in larger containers.
  • This beehive is perfect for beekeepers with an existing hive who want to experience the ease of harvesting using the Auto Flow Frames or the lovers of honeycomb.

Optional Auto Flow Frames
  • The optional Auto Flow Frames are made with food grade, BPA free, FDA certificated plastics.
  • Packed in cartons of 7 x Auto Flow Frames, with instructions provided in the box.
  • The technique of harvesting and collecting honey, provides minimal disturbance to the bees whilst also being safer for beekeepers.
  • Easy access to allowing beekeepers to tap honey directly from unprocessed the beehive; right into jars.

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