Premium 5 Frame Fully Assembled NUC Beehive - Ready-to-go


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This premium fully assembled NUC 5 Frame beehive is painted with 4 layers of exterior paint protection. 

Designed for fast ease if use this smaller 5 frame NUC is ready-to-go.

The premium 5 Frame NUC has attention to detail containing two primary parts incorporating a joined floor/ground board and brood deep super together with a ventilated roof/outer cover. In addition the Premium 5 Frame NUC Beehive is assembled together with preassembled Langstroth deep frames (wood frame, wired with bees wax foundation).

The entrance uses a swing door providing the beekeeper with the flexibility to quickly open and close the hive. The swing door also provides the added bonus of allowing the control and flow of bees too.

This NUC is perfect for capturing new swarms, building up small colonies, swarm trapping or even being an emergency hive for just when you need it.

Made in Australia

* Due to the size and weight, this product is not applicable for free delivery.

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