Paradise Honey 6 Frame Polystyrene Hives with Full Deep Box

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Frames and Foundation Options: No Frames or Foundation
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Are you on the lookout for high-quality NUC poly hives? At Buzzbee, we can provide you with the 6-frame standard Langstroth poly nucleus hive. This option is built like a proper hive with a separate floor, pest control mesh, a hive body and roof all interlocking for security, minimal temperature loss and strength. These 6 frame polystyrene hives offer exceptional thermal performance and durability whilst maintaining an ergonomic design. This means higher honey production compared to wooden hives, but with minimal weight. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the performance of this hive.

Paradise Honey 6 Frame Langstroth NUC Hive with Full Deep Box Bundle

Flipped Outer Cover/Roof

Our Paradise Honey 6 frame polystyrene hives consist of a specialised roof/outer cover that can be turned upside down. One side allows a tight closed fit keeping, reducing airflow to help maintain the temperature. If flipped over and used in conjunction with a propolis mat/panel, you can allow much more ventilation within the hive. This is particularly useful for transporting hives in situations when bees can easily overheat, as the extra heat dissipation can be critical to the survival of a colony.

This complete high-density polystyrene (EPS) Langstroth hive kit from leading manufacturer Paradise Honey includes the following components:

  • Nucleus flip roof/outer flip cover
  • Nucleus floor
  • Nucleus full depth body
  • 2 x entrance reducers
  • Pest control mesh

Optional Extras:

We also offer the following optional extras for our NUC poly hives:

  • 6 wooden full deep frames
  • 6 sheets of foundation for the frames (choice of one of the following)
    • Australian bees wax foundation
    • Plastic foundation sheets - wax coated
    • Plastic foundation sheets - wax coated

All Paradise Honey hive components are shipped flat-packed.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our 6 frame polystyrene hives.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
robert f.
Paradise Honey 6 Frame Langstroth NUC Hive with Full Deep Box Bundle

Great little unit. Single or stacked double. Only real option in the subtropics with winter 6 degree mornings, termites, and 80% humidity. No twisting or bending when transporting. Great product.

James T.
I love Paradise Polys

Excellent nucleus 6 frame hive that can be divided into 2 x 3 frame nucs or mating box.
Paradise has a better insulation than conventional beehives, bees really thrive in these hives.

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