Stainless Steel Honey Comb Display Stand for Restaurants and Cafe's


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Stainless Steel Honey Comb Display Stand for Restaurants and Cafe's.


Enabling the perfect display of a whole frame of Honeycomb straight from a beehive. The whole frame of honey can be flipped enabling customers to access fresh honey from both sides of the comb.


Presented on a stainless-steel screen, allows your guests to appreciate the authenticity of the product, by enjoying a unique experience of pure pleasure. Each customer can cut away at their desired amount of comb using either a spoon or knife.


The display holds the honey stored in the comb and allows drips from the display to move downwards where it can be captured on a plate underneath the display.


The display should easily hold approximately 3kg of the product. Its standard width enables the holding of the standard Beekeeping Honey Frames holding the comb, whilst allowing various depth of frames providing flexibility for its use.


The stainless-steel display stand can be easily cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher. For the safe storage of the honeycomb at the end of the breakfast service, a special plastic cover is provided that prevents the product from coming into contact with other sources.

  • Material: Stainless steel 304
  • Dimensions: L 45 cm, H 28 cm, P 26 cm

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