Bee Swarm and Nest Removal Service

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Bee Swarm and Nest Removal Service

We have a bee removal service where we can assist in rehoming bees into a new environment away from your property.

Bee Swarm Collection

A swarm of honeybees will cluster temporarily at one location, often hanging off the branch of a tree or bush, while a few scout bees locate a new home. When a suitable home is found the swarm moves as a group to that new site. This is usually after a few hours or up to a couple of days.

Bee Nest Removal

Bees that have made a permanent nest in and around the house are often not tolerated by the occupants of that building. To ensure that feral, abandoned or unwanted nesting colonies of honeybees are not unnecessarily destroyed, we are willing to offer a Bee Removal service.

Removing bees nesting in buildings can be very difficult and sometimes costly.  Where there is no economical method of removing the bees, it may be necessary to destroy them. In such situations the services of a licensed Pest Control operator is required.

More Useful Information

What NOT to Do If You Find A Bee Swarm

The honey bee are generally at their most passive state when swarming. They will most likely not attack if they are not provoked. Don’t spray the bees with insecticides or water. Bees sprayed can often provoke them to sting you.

How do you know if you have a bees nest?

The evidence would be if you notice that there are a lot of bees in and around your property and you see them all too often, then it is definite sign of a bee nest somewhere close. It is natural though to see some bees in your backyard and in and around flowers. You may also notice that bees are congregating around a specific area where they will be flying in and out of an area.

I’ve Noticed A Lot Of Bees Entering A Hole In My Brick Wall. What Should I do?

As soon as you notice this you should call a local beekeeper. If you leave it long enough they may establish a nest and make the space between your brick walls their new home. New bees will emerge from their cells 21 days after the queen lays her eggs. And the queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day. So if you don’t take swift action, the numbers of bees will grow very quickly.

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