Commercial Hot Wax Dipped, Buzzbee WSP Fir Super Box for Flow and Langstroth Beehives

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Size: 8 Frame Size
Built & Painted: Unassembled
Sale price$21.00


This Commercial Hot Wax Dipped, Buzzbee WSP Fir Super Boxes, are perfect for the development of strong and healthy, long-lasting beehives. These are hot wax-dipped and constructed with Dove-Tail joints to ensures maximum strength and resilience when built. 

These WSP sized boxes are slightly shorter than a Full Deep sized box however still large enough to raise brood in. This can be popular with people who might have aback problem or want to reduce the weight of a standard Full Deep Brood or Honey Super box.  As these Boxes/Supers have been Hot Wax Dipped, you have the option to either leave them natural or can be painted further to provide even greater protection from the elements. These WSP super boxes are suitable for Langstroth and Flow BeeHives.

These box sizes are perfect for a variety of beehive needs. Their versatile design makes them ideal for both new and experienced beekeepers looking for an easy-to-use solution. Plus, their durable construction ensures a long-lasting investment.

Available in 8 or 10 frame sizes.

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