Why Choose Paradise Hives?

Recent tests conducted in Australian rainforests have shown that bees produce up to 37-45% more honey annually in Paradise Honey BeeBox beehives compared to traditional wooden beehives. This means you can enjoy higher yields with the same investment.

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Commercial Use of Paradise Hives

Paradise Honey is a world-leading manufacturer of professional honey production equipment and EPS beehive products. Their line includes high-quality honey production equipment, honey processing equipment and BeeBox beehive products. All of their products have been tested in large 3000+ hive beekeeping operations, yielding an average of 120-200 tons of honey per year. This ensures that Paradise Honey products deliver what is expected.

Buzzbee is proud to be offering tried and tested commercial beehives for sale that have been proven to deliver efficiency, security and long-term durability. Investing in this high-quality production equipment is a decision you won’t regret.

Sustainable Practices
Paradise Honey hives are suitable for commercial beekeeping operations, especially those focused on sustainable and natural beekeeping practices. The unique design of these commercial beehives for sale allows bees to build natural comb and reduces the need for intervention by the beekeeper. This can save time and money in the long run.

Heathier & Stronger Bees
The insulated and ventilated design of Paradise hives can help to regulate temperature and moisture levels inside the hive, which can lead to healthier and more productive bee colonies. This can be especially important for commercial beekeepers who rely on their bees to produce honey and other products.

Setting Up
Many commercial beekeepers have successfully integrated Paradise Honey hives into their operations and have reported positive results. However, as with any beekeeping practice, it’s important to carefully monitor the health of the bees and adjust management practices as needed.

Configuration of Paradise Hives
Many commercial beekeepers tend to choose the full stack of hives from the floor to the roof, however there are alternatives. The 10 frame Paradise hive is designed to be compatible with the 10 frame Langstroth, allowing the 10 frame wooden boxes to be used in conjunction with the Paradise Honey Hive systems.

Some choose to use the Paradise system for the floor and brood areas to provide insulation benefits for the breeding area, then use conventional wood-ware boxes for the supers. Although this might be an option, you will always get a better insulation fit with your hives when you stick to only using Paradise Hive parts.

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