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Bee Removal Service & Nest Relocation

We have a bee removal service where we can assist in rehoming bees into a new environment away from your property.

Bee Swarm Collection

A swarm of honeybees will cluster temporarily at one location, often hanging off the branch of a tree or bush, while a few scout bees locate a new home. When a suitable home is found the swarm moves as a group to that new site. This is usually after a few hours or up to a couple of days.

Bee Nest Removal

Bees that have made a permanent nest in and around the house are often not tolerated by the occupants of that building. To ensure that feral, abandoned or unwanted nesting colonies of honeybees are not unnecessarily destroyed, we are willing to offer a Bee Removal service.

Removing bees nesting in buildings can be very difficult and sometimes costly.  Where there is no economical method of removing the bees, it may be necessary to destroy them. In such situations the services of a licensed Pest Control operator is required.

More Useful Information


What NOT to Do If You Find A Bee Swarm

The honey bee are generally at their most passive state when swarming. They will most likely not attack if they are not provoked. Don’t spray the bees with insecticides or water. Bees sprayed can often provoke them to sting you.

How do you know if you have a bees nest?

The evidence would be if you notice that there are a lot of bees in and around your property and you see them all too often, then it is definite sign of a bee nest somewhere close. It is natural though to see some bees in your backyard and in and around flowers. You may also notice that bees are congregating around a specific area where they will be flying in and out of an area.

I’ve Noticed A Lot Of Bees Entering A Hole In My Brick Wall. What Should I do?

As soon as you notice this you should call a local beekeeper. If you leave it long enough they may establish a nest and make the space between your brick walls their new home. New bees will emerge from their cells 21 days after the queen lays her eggs. And the queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day. So if you don’t take swift action, the numbers of bees will grow very quickly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lesley F.
Great service

I contacted Graham on a sunday morning as it looked like we had a swarm on the common property of a group of units. He came out within a couple of hours to assess the problem and informed me that it was actually a ground nest of european wasps. He did not charge for this service, despite it being a Sunday.
At my request he recommended a local pest remover who exterminated the nest the next day at a very competitive price.
All told, very happy with the service, the promptness of the response and the cost involved.

Quyen T.
" A" class "Bee" service :)

I recently discovered a bee hive in one of our small tree. I wanted to keep it around as we all know how important bees are but our gardener was swarmed upon when trimming nearby so we had to get it removed. Called Graham and he came promptly and safely had the hive removed. He was very knowledgeable and professional. You could see how passionate he was about bees. Excellent work Graham

Cathryn C.
Excellent Customer service

Graham responded promptly to my call re removing a swarm in my garage, he kept me informed of his arrival time and was exactly on time. Removed swarm under awkward location and kept me informed of progress and what would happen after removal. Excellent manner, warm and friendly and very professional. Highly recommend

Hi Cathryn,
Thank you for your warm review! The swarm was tricky to get to but here at BuzzBee we pride ourselves in getting the job done to the best of our abilities. We are glad that your garage is back to the job that it was intended for and not an unsuitable bee hive!

Sal C.
Ethical bee removal success!!

We had a possum box in one of our gumtrees taken over by a very large hive of bees. We wanted to make sure the bees were not harmed so did our research about bee removal company's. We were lucky to find Buzz Bee and Graham assured us that he would remove the bees and rehouse them. I had read horror stories about company's who exterminate the bees instead of removing them so we were so relieved when Graham turned up and informed us about his process. Graham took the time to speak to us about how he would remove the bees. As the job was so big he did it over two nights to make sure all the bees went into the holder. It was a pretty incredible sight to watch Graham climb the tree and bring down the massive hive. Graham was very passionate and his knowledge of bees was very impressive. Would highly recommend.

The Buzzbee team are really pleased that you loved Graham's work. We believe in that maintaining the health of all Australia's bees is essential. Sometimes it is unfortunate that bees choose to form a hive in locations that are unsuitable to us humans!

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