Paradise Honey 8 Frame, 4Q Nuc & Mating Hive Feeder

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The BeeBox Beehive Top Feeder for the Paradise Honey 4Q NUC and Mating Beehive, is the result of 40 years of beekeeping and development experience on the biggest beekeeping operation in Scandinavia. The feeder is made of food grade, extra hardened, expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a density of over 100 kg/m³. 

In proper use, the feeder will easily last several decades. This Top Feeder will hold 8.5 litres of sugar syrup and is designed to sit on top of the hive and under the hive top. Its specifically designed with the Q4 NUC and Mating hive in mind where, when used in conjunction with the Q4 NUC and Mating body/box and dividers, it forces bees to remain separate even during feeding to ensure that the queens do not mix between zoned compartments.

It shares the same profile as the 8 Frame, Q4 hive body giving it a precise interlocked fit. It has a clear perspex cover over the access canal, enabling the beekeeper to inspect the bees collecting the syrup without disturbing the beehive. The feeder is an excellent method of feeding honeybees whether they be new colonies requiring sugar syrup to draw new comb or overwintering bees that are short on stores.

Length: 55 cm

Width: 41 cm

Height: 9.5 cm

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