Beekeeping during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Victoria, Australia)

Updated:          03/10/2020

There is much confusion in regards the rules and regulation of movement restrictions during the current COVID-19 pandemic, within the State of Victoria in Australia.

There has been some clarity provided to beekeepers being able to attend their hives for husbandry purposes in areas currently subject to stage 3 and 4 movement restrictions. The links below provided a number of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and relevant information for beekeepers whom live in Melbourne and have to travel to regional Victoria to attend their beehives.  


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing sector guidance


In short, you need to provide evidence about your bee colonies. We suggest that you carry a record (both hard copy and electronic) of your beekeeper registration with you in the event of you being spot checked by authorities.


During this COVID-19 pandemic, rules and regulations in how we service our hives are changing so it’s best to come back regularly to keep on top of what is allowed.

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