Beekeeping Supplies Brisbane

If you’ve been searching for a Brisbane beekeeping supplies store that stocks the best beekeeping equipment on the market, look no further than Buzzbee. We have all the equipment beekeepers could possibly need, from beekeeping suits and gloves through to an alternative to the flow hive in Brisbane. Whether you’re a recreational beekeeper or you run a business that sells its own honey, we have what you need!


Buzzbee has all kinds of beehives that make it far easier for Brisbane beekeepers to contain and control their bees. Our range includes both Langstroth and NUC beehives that are equally great for recreational and commercial honey production purposes.

Beekeeping Frames

Beekeeping frames provide an effective way for beekeepers to extract the honey their bees have produced. Buzzbee’s beekeeping frames feature a clear end-frame that beekeepers can look through so they can observe how their bees are acting and see when honey is ready to extract. Our frames are available in various sizes, meaning we’re sure to have options that are perfect for your setup.

Bee Smokers

A bee smoker is one of the must-have bee supplies Brisbane beekeepers should have on hand. Beekeepers will need to inspect their beehives and perform repairs from time to time, and bees will naturally get in the way. Buzzbee can provide you with a bee smoker that will release smoke to calm your bees so they’re less likely to sting.

Queen Bee Catchers

Queen bee catchers are one of the handiest tools for beekeeping in Brisbane, making it easy to isolate queen bees. Buzzbee can supply customers with a queen bee catcher that’s suitable to use with the type and size of beehive they work with.

Beekeeping Suits

Without wearing attire specially made for beekeeping activities, beekeepers risk being stung. Buzzbee manufactures and sells suits that beekeepers can rely on for beekeeping in Brisbane, helping to keep them safe. Our adults and children’s beekeeping suits are designed to not only protect users, but also provide plenty of ventilation and be comfortable to wear.

Beekeeping Gloves

Protect your hands from getting stung with purpose-made beekeeping gloves from Buzzbee. One of the most essential beekeeping supplies Brisbane beekeepers will need, our beekeeping gloves completely cover the hands and ensure no skin is exposed that could potentially get stung. Our gloves come in various sizes, are comfortable to wear and have a strong grip for handling equipment and other objects while working around bees.

Bee Feeders

Buzzbee has high-quality beekeeping feeders in stock that can provide bees with the food they need throughout the year. There will be times when natural nectar and pollen become harder for bees to come by. Having a bee feeder installed with your beehive will give your bees the supplemental food sources they need. Whether you’re looking to buy a beehive top feeder, bee frame feeder, entrance bee feeder or a rapid round bee feeder, we can provide what you need.

Beekeeping Scrapers

Beekeeping scrapers are one of the most important bee supplies Brisbane beekeepers can have when it comes time to extract honey from the beehive. All of Buzzbee’s scrapers are made with comfort in mind, with a wooden handle that’s comfortable to grip onto and a roller containing heavy-duty plastic needles that are tough enough to infiltrate the propolis and remove the honey within it.

Shop with Us Today

Buzzbee is the Brisbane beekeeping supplies store you can count on to get all the supplies you need at a fair price. Call us today on 1300 BZZBEE for friendly advice and assistance, or place your order through our online store.


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