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Warm Weather Beekeeping White and Yellow Goatskin Gloves

Electric Wiring Embedder Tool

We are very happy with this tool. It was everything that it said it would be. Easy to use with excellent results.

Great Product, very effective against SHB

This is a great product that works very effective. When I spotted the first signs of SMH in my Flow Hive I installed two of these, and since then SMH has been under control. I will keep at least one these traps in the hive as a prevention against future infestations.
Only word of cautions is to be careful when installing and when inspection the hive not to spill the vegetable oil into the hive.

Ultimate beekeeping Starter kit package

I’m so impressed with the kit! And the after sales service and communication I received from BuzzBee!
Thank you so much and I’m very happy that I found you.

Great wax, great service

My wax arrived very quickly and well packaged so it survived transit intact. Thanks for your great service

Solid product, fast delivery, great value!

My first split in my new nuc and the bees are loving it!
Although packaged well, the nuc didn’t come with nails or glue so it was fortunate that I had some nails in the shed of the right size so that I could assemble it when I received it. I coated it with decking oil and it looks great. I used a piece of ply and drilled a two inch hole in it, placing this on top of the hive and then the lid on top of this allowed the lid to sit higher so that I could feed the bees sugar water in bags enclosed in the hive. I have the hive sitting with a slight forward tilt to allow drainage and avoid any moisture building up inside.
The nuc is solid, it is working successfully and I would definitely recommend this product as I would have no hesitation ordering another one if or when I need another one.

Heated Electric Uncapping Knife - Stainless Steel - Variable Control

Honey Strainer with double strainer

beautiful double strainer well made and prompt delivery. look forward to purchasing more products.

Transformer for embedder

Arrived in good condition and as described

Received bucket. Just what I was after but having trouble keeping tap tight moves about when I open it

Mini mating nuc boxes

Great packaging and and delivery time, product was great too.


Lightening fast delivery.
Excellent product.

Bee feeder tested for native bees

Purchased and tested for native bees only. The design is excellent for European bees however for native bees small pebbles are required to be added to the tray to allow the bees to access the sugar solution tray without drowning.

Cheap, so what you pay for you get. Didn't the Rolls Royce model

Arrived on time, product is what they said it would be

One piece of plastic broken off but all in all it was good

Honey Square Jar

Excellent package. Value for money.

We endeavour to always provide a wide range of products, with quality and value in mind. Thank you for shopping with us. Happy Beekeeping.

4 Frame electric extractor

Works really well and easy to assemble. The right price. If you only have a couple of hives, hard to justify spending $1-2 ,000 on other models.
Only negative-Buzzbee say they are environmentally friendly, but styrene foam used in the packaging. Stop using early before it is banned!

Great quality, fantastic service with all the extras in the hive

I have been searching the internet and found lots of rubbish, cheap hives out there. Also many had missing parts like the queen excluders, inner cover, foundation for the frames and more.
What I found with this Buzzbee hive is that everything including the foundation was present. Not only is the quality excellent but I received the hive fast. Great quality and fantastic service.

Thank you for your response. We are proud of the quality of our bee hives and we are sure you will have many years of enjoying your bees with a good solid hive. Happy Beekeeping.

Honey Extractor 2 Frame Stainless Steel (304) - Manual

We are sure you will like it. Happy harvesting.

Bee feeder

A received my feeder quickly
It works fine
Quality is very good

Glad you are happy with your feeder. We like the flexibility these provides us too where we use these in both standard hives and our NUC hives.

when i use it i will review it

6 Frame Radial Extractor

The design seems good. The motor now lies on its side and the controls on top bar. Hopefully the gearbox will stand the work changing direction from horizontal to vertical. The barrel now sits on 3 metal bars 25mm wide each. I have strengthened this with a wooden base to give support. The width is great because with locking wheels on the legs it rolls through doorways easily. The manual is very basic written in a foreign country and I haven't worked out how to get the basket out yet. Manual says it should lift out but I think the design has changed and is now locked in with a grub screw. All in all SS work is very good and am quite pleased.

6 frame radial extractor

The design is good. It is a little different from the original picture with the speed control now mounted on top which gets it out of the way a bit. The extra bracing on the legs is really excellent. The moulded honey gate is another good improvement. I haven't used it with honey yet but when testing on arrival, it looked to perform well. Thank you

Wax Foundation

Arrived safe, unbroken and within time. Good service. Well done guys. Arild.

We are glad that you like the 100% Australian Wax Foundation. We believe in providing good quality products and a service to match. Hope to see you again.