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Diatomaceous earth

Works great in traps designed for small hive beetles 🪲 😀


Very pleased with quality of cassettes and prompt delivery.


The foundation came well packed and prompt. Perfect

good queen

Queen introduced successfully and has beautiful uniform progeny that are busy and quiet. Very happy

Queen Bee postage

Given the Queen was posted on the Wednesday before Easter, I was most concerned whether she'd survive the 6 days or so until the next Tuesday when the postage service delivered her to my P.O. Box. Fortunately she and the accompanying workers did make it OK and the hive is now benefiting from her industriousness!

The feeder was fine but the inside prongs need to be a bit more stable.

Getting there

I couldn't find a small drink bottle to fit the thread on the feeder, so had to use a 1.25 litre one. I have tied a string round the bottle and tied it round the hive after fitting. Each time, the top of the circular part of the feeder has come loose and I have lost some of the syrup before I could clip it back in. The bees love it though!

Great little aid

Great and simple idea for when you're searching for the queen, but don't want to mix frames with others. Great for keeping frames off the ground to stop grass or dust sticking. Maybe not a "must have" but definitely convenient!

Buzzbee Beekeeping Gloves - Sheepskin - White

Bee stand

Very good easy to assemble

Unit worked well at pressing honey from the wax, but the join between the outlet pipe and the main barrel was roughly cut and there are sharp edges in the outlet that are a hazard when cleaning.

Thank you for letting us know. We have looked at our other stock and they look fine based on the area you have highlighted. We apologize that you received this but hope that this is functioning well for you.

Performs very Well

No problem clearing bees this autumn, with a very high level of bee-interest.

Awesome products fast shipping and great service 👍

Love it

Looking forward to using this as a demo for schools. Was easy to assemble and operates very smoothly.

Best Bee Suit

I’ve been bee keeping for a few years now and this fantastic bee suit has given me so much greater confidence around the bees. Easy to slip in and out of - triple layered - cool - and best off all - no stings.


Great Fast Service. Queens arrived safely in top condition. Nice Qualities. Will purchase again.

Beetle 🪲traps

Easy to use haven’t checked them yet

Great Frames

Love these frames. Well made, strong and ready to just put straight into the hive

Great top feeder

Works really well and I fed my hive 10l of sugar syrup in 5 days

Strong and on time

I received my new queen on a timely basis when promised [April]. She and her companions were all alive, healthy and strong.

Proof of the pudding will be in the late spring but all very good so far.

Stainless Steel Wire for Wiring Beehive Frames 500g and 1kg

Beetle blaster trap

Quick deliver, exactly as advertised

wooden bee frams

they were very good no problems went together good