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3frame extractor

The mesh on the frame holders could be finer/closer together to help support the honey comb

Best 2 frame feeder

After the season we have had here in Melbourne I've had the chance to test plenty of different types of feeders. This feeder would have to be my favourite due to it's size and the ladders for the girls (minimal fatalities). The only issue I've come across is that it is a tight fit in my 10 frame hives.

Honey Extractor 2 Frame Stainless Steel (304) - Manual

Excellent product. Works extremely well and easy to clean.

BEE- pack colony of bees

I have had the BEE-pack now for just over two weeks. My initial experience has been very good. The Nuc transferred into its new hive without any issues, and the hive quickly established its daily schedule and I could see the worker bees returning with pollen. The hive is currently receiving supplemental feeding to help with its establishment. I look forward to inspecting the hive more thoroughly shortly. From my early interactions, it appears the hive has a good temperament.

Hat with veil

Good vision, little clumsy to install (aren't they all) very bee proof!

one handed bee catcher

Service was spot on. Not happy with the catcher as the sliding door will not stay shut when put it down. nv

Bee Arrival

Bees arrived promptly, healthy and have settled in quickly to their new home. Advice provided was excellent and welcome.

Great tool and most importantly very helpful when working with the hive!!!

All i ordered always arived in perfect conditon i can recemend you for your promp returnes
thanks kevin

Fantastic bee suit

This is a brilliant suit, I feel really safe in, the bees have no way of getting in, it is also very comfortable wear because it doesn’t get hot. A great buy.


Thank you Graham, great support and healthy nuc, I highly recommend.

New queen

Received our queen in good time and good health. Easy process. Thanks.

Wooden frames assembled

Just right, solid but still just added a couple of small nails to tops for longevity

Bee keeping entrance feeder for beehives

It’s the first I have found to suit a top bar hive

Hang the frames on your hive

It’s great to keep bees as close to the hive with frames hanging just on outside of hive box. It’s easy and well balanced.

quality hives

really good hives easy to assemble a little coat of linseed oil and they look wonderful

Bad timing

It was to be a Christmas present I ordered it early so I could give it to my husband on Christmas Day that didn't happen very disappointed

Three frame extractor

Well made extractor - smooth, easy operation. Well packaged, arriving safely. Thank you

Top feeder

It is very simple to set up, it is non invasive and it is easy to top up. Works really well for my setup.

Langstroth Super

I have recently purchased two supers and am very happy with the product and speed of delivery

Frame holder

Does the job. Great product, great service.

Bee Pack Colony

Received a beautiful strong healthy nuc. from Buzzbee. Thank you Graham for your all your advice and ongoing support. Very happy beekeeper. Thank you.

Really good! Bees loved it!

New Queen Bee

After starting a new hive from a friend's split hive, I lost the queen 6 weeks in. The hive turned aggressive and would chase us up to 50m away without touching the hive. After several inspections to be sure we had no brood (couldn't find the queen), I purchased a new queen from Buzzbee. The process was simple, great communication and pick up straight forward. The advice on pick up for installing the queen was spot on. I installed the queen, made sure she was out a couple of days later, then did an inspection after 2 weeks. The hive was transformed, full of brood and we can now work around the hive without the bees even acknowledging we are there. We spent over an hour within 2 metres of the hive yesterday and at no stage did a bee take any interest in us. Very happy with the end result and the great advice from Graham.

Frame feeder

I had saved bees from a fallen tree, there wasn’t much honey in the hive, and the weather was terrible! I was able to pick up the feeder mix some syrup, and the bees took to it and over the next couple of weeks the drained it completely. Happy to say the hive is looking well at the moment.