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Delivery, Install and Mentoring

If you are new to beekeeping and need that extra hand, we can provide assistance and advice. Our service provides you support in verifying that the location you have chosen is suitable. In addition, we will walk through and aid you with the process of migrating of your bees from the NUC to your new larger beehive. In parallel to this, we will provide you a wealth of information and tips to not only aid your bee colony to grow but also information in managing the hive, dealing with Flow Frames (if applicable), working with the essential tools and more.

This service also includes the delivery of your bees to their new location in the NUC Hive type of your choice. Our experienced beekeepers will personally deliver your bees, install them, and provide personalised mentoring based on your needs, giving vital information to you as a new beekeeper.


Service includes:

Beehive Location: We recommend prior to our arrival that you establish some potential locations where you might want your bees to be placed.
  • Consider the 45-degree angle flight path in and out of the hive entrance.
  • Where would the sun be rising and falling across the beehive surface.
  • Will the hive be subjected to high temperature during the peak of the day and if so, how can this be mitigated? Can tree shadow assist you?
  • If you have a Flow Hive, you will need access behind the beehive. • When working with you bees, will you have a surface close by to place your additional tools and additional hive ware?
  • Is the surface you will be placing your beehive upon sturdy to undertake the heavy loads of the hive?
  • Is the area subject to flooding?
  • This is just some of the considerations that a beekeeper needs to consider when setting up a new beehive.

Initial Orientation: The Nuc hive of bees are placed in the same location that you wish to have your permanent hive placed which allow the bees to fly free and quickly become familiar with their new surroundings. Migration of your bees: We undertake a careful movement of the bees with yourself, from the provided Nucleus Colony (NUC) into your new Beehive.

Knowledge and Tips: During the stay, our beekeeper will explain the processes undertaken. In addition, many tips and additional information will be provided about the use of your equipment and what you need to undertake moving forward.

Once completed, we will leave your bees happily settled in their new home and you as a beekeeper should be more confident, experienced and understand the processed undertaken.

Where do we delivery our honey bees?

Our service area is substantial covering all of Victoria, ACT and south of New South Wales. Use the postcode search tools to find out which of 8 zones you are located and the services we provide.

Our service area is substantial covering all of Victoria, ACT and south of New South Wales. Due to the distances we operate, a travel zone based system is used as shown in the map below. Due to the distance, time, and conditions that the bees must travel, the cost for deliveries of these zones are calculated. Use the postcode search tool to find out which of 8 zones you are located and the services we provide.

There is a high demand from our experienced beekeeper and their time is limited during the busy in the Spring and Summer season. As a result, they will promptly move through the detailed migration of your bee  however they ask that you invite others to join for the installation if you wish.


Zones from Buzzbee: The map is colour codes in order to help you find your correct zone.

  Zone DIY Pickup Delivery, Install and Mentoring Delivery
  Zone 1 (0 to 25km)
  Zone 2 (25 to 100km)
  Zone 3 (50 to 100km)
  Zone 4 (100 to 200km)
  Zone 5 (200 to 300km)  
  Zone 6 (300 to 400km)  
  Zone 7 (400 to 500km)  
  Zone 8 (Rest of Australia)    




If you are want to order some bees, then please click here.


We know that getting a colony of bees for your beehive can be confusing, that is why we are here to help you. If you have any questions what so ever, then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Contact Buzzbee through our Contact Us page


Contact Buzzbee through our Contact Us page


Buzzbee Beekeeping,
21 Rozelle Ave,
Ringwood East, VIC, 3135

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Lynn B.

Your team is always ready to help with answering questions. Very fast delivery all around very good team.

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