Beehive Wooden Frame and Plastic Foundation (20 Pack)


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Beehive Wooden Frame and Plastic Foundation


Deep Timber Frames assembled with plastic foundation.

The foundation provides a strong and durable alternative to bee’s wax foundation, plastic foundation has the same shape and cell size as bees wax foundation but has the added benefit of being able to be re-used many times. In addition, the foundation with its frame is more durable and harder wearing than traditional versions.

This pack of 20 frames are full depth in size and will fit nicely into supers/boxes with a recessed edge.

It is recommended that prior to placing plastic foundation into the hive, it should be lightly coated with liquid bee’s wax. To do this use a paint roller or brush to apply the liquid bees wax.


  • Frame dimensions (approx.) W 424mm x H 213mm
  • Cell Size 5mm

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