Manual Beeswax Super-wide Foundation Embossing Roller Machine

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Manual Super-wide Beeswax Foundation Rolling Embossing Machine - create your own beeswax honeycomb foundation

Make your own wax foundation sheets from old capping and left over bees wax using this manual beeswax foundation roller. This will perfectly emboss plain, beeswax sheets with the hexagonal cell outline of the honeycomb. This solid quality machine will allow you to create countless volumes of wax foundation for your hives.

The wax roller consists of two fixed horizontal rollers, supported by a cast iron frame. The surface of these rollers has the honeycomb hexagonal cell design texture which embosses the wax foundation sheet when it is manually rolled through, whilst the handle is turned.

Beeswax Foundation production machine is used to produce larger quantities of beeswax foundation for beehive frames. The cylindrical aluminium alloy castings is embossed with the exact texture to build new worker bee cells. This tool effectively rolls a plain thin warm sheet of beeswax between the rollers where it is then embossed with the texture of honey-comb cells.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Cell size: 5.4mm
4.9mm cell size is available for special order - Please phone us.

Roller width: 450mm (super wide version)
Cylinder diameter: 86mm

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