Buzzbee 4 Frame Manual Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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  • Is the extractor reversible or do you have to remove the frames and turn them around. Also where is it made?

    The manual 4 frame honey extractor can be spun both ways round. Spun in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

    Although this might be the case, the frames will need to be flipped to get the most amount of honey removed from the frames.

    These are made in China but designed specifically to our specification, improvement and materials. They are not what you see generically available. 

  • What is the diameter of the drum

    The internal dimensions of the drum are approximatlly 465mm

    Buzzbee 4 Frame Manual Honey Extractor Internal Dimensions of the drum

  • Hi Are the gears metal or nylon/ plastic? Thanks for your assistance

    The Buzzbee 4 Frame Manual Extractor has greased metal gears inside the turning mechanism. 

    Here are two images that clearly show the materials used to make the gears and how they are put together:

    Metal gears of Buzzbee 4 Frame Manual Extractor

    Metal gears of Buzzbee 4 Frame Manual Extractor

  • Hi Is the whole extractor made from 304 stainless steel? i.e. the frame basket as well as the barrel

    This is a very good quality extractor where both the barrel/drum and the cage that holds the frames are both made of 304 Stainess-steel. There are cheaper versions out there but be want to sell only quality.

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