Electric 12 Frame Honey Extractor


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Electric 12 Frame Honey Extractor

Stainless steel 12 frame electric centrifugal honey extractor. This easy to use honey extractor is designed to hold up to 12 frames.

The honey extractor comes with stainless-steel lids and electric bevel gear drive system on top.

The extractor is made from food grade 201 stainless steel for the main barrel and 304 stainless steel for the rotating inner basket that holds the frames. This makes the honey extractor very durable for the extreme enthusiast or professional apiarist beekeeper.

This lids with attached handles, allow easy inspection of the extraction process whilst you are harvesting the honey. On top is the electric control unit, aiding in easy to operate control of the extractor.


  • Made with sealed bearings & premium steel gears providing a quiet and smooth spin.
  • The bottom of the extractor drum is conical shaped and raised, aiding and guiding the flow of honey to the honey tap.
  • The bottom bearing on the spinning extractor cage is raised, helping keep it out of the extracted honey.
  • The frame basket fits most standard frames (deep, medium and shallow).
  • Two inspection lids for easy viewing whilst spinning.
  • High grade stainless steel design with 201 stainless steel barrel and 304 stainless steel inner basket.


  • Barrel diameter: 630 mm
  • Barrel height: 650 mm
  • Total height: 1070 mm
  • Inner basket size: 420 x 260 mm
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Power: 370 W

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