Stainless Steel Frame Grip with Wooden Handles


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This strong one handed frame grip with comfortable wooden handles and stainless steel frame. This tool enables you to hold hive frames with a single hand allowing your other hand to work on your bees.

The jaws of the grip open wide enough to hold any hive frame you may use.

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Frame grip

Makes life easier whilst grabbing and lifting the frames out of the hive.
Great service and back up too!!!


As a new beekeeper, I picked up this frame lifting tool to help reduce the risk of dropping a frame. I used it when I installed the nuc and it worked perfectly.

Fast forward one month to my first induction. I donned my gear, including my goatskin gloves. Several frames in it was all going great. I was able to grab the frames firmly with my hands. Then I went to grab the frame that was the most covered in bees. It was also full of honey so it was heavy. There were so many bees it was hard not to squish them, so I didn't have a great grip. I went to look at the other side and swish, oomph! I dropped the frame. Bees everywhere! Probably 20-30 dead bees on the ground too.

Feeling very stupid, I wrapped up and left them in peace. Of course bees do what they do and they were all back to normal very quickly. Such forgiving ladies.

I had the frame lifter right there and wasn't using it. Had I done so, I'm confident I would not have dropped the frame. Lesson learned.

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