Varroa Mite Sticky Mat Board used with Ventilated Screened Bottom Board Floors (Pack 4)

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Size: 8 Frame (4 Pack)
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Introducing the Varroa Mite Sticky Board for Counting and Monitoring Mites Inside a Bee Hive! As a seasoned beekeeper, you understand the importance of keeping your bees healthy and thriving. At Buzzbee Beekeeping, we've developed a modern solution to help you monitor and manage varroa mite infestations in your beehives.

Designed specifically to be used in beehive ventilated floors, these varroa mite boards, also known as IPM boards or sticky boards, serve a multitude of purposes. Simply slide them underneath the screened bottom board of your hive, and you're ready to go. Counting varroa mites or debris is a breeze with the coloured checkerboard grid on these trays. The contrasting colours make it easy to keep track of your mite count, ensuring you stay on top of potential infestations.

For effective monitoring, you can in addition coat these thin boards with petroleum jelly to create a sticky surface. After 24 hours on the hive, the varroa mites will fall onto the board, making them easily countable. Say goodbye to cumbersome counting methods and hello to convenience.

Our varroa mite boards are incredibly versatile. Not only can they be used for mite monitoring, but they can also be used during mite treatments or as a means to close off your hive during the winter months. No more worrying about cold air drafts or unwanted visitors disrupting your bees' environment.

These boards are available in packs of four and come in sizes suitable for 8 frame and 10 frame beehives. The best part? They are fully customisable. The thin corrugated design allows for easy trimming, ensuring a perfect fit for any screened bottom board.

Don't let varroa mite infestations hinder your beekeeping success. Take control with our Varroa Mite Sticky Board for Counting and Monitoring Mites Inside a Bee Hive. Place your order now and give your bees the protection they deserve!

Order your Varroa Mite Sticky Board 4-Pack today and keep your bees healthy and thriving!

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