A high-quality beehive is a crucial component of starting your apartment beehive. Most urban beekeepers look for options that don’t require too much space, typically choosing something simple like the Buzzbee Mason Hive for Native Bees. However, if you’ve got a rooftop space available and body corporate is willing to work with you, you may be looking for something bigger, like a High-Quality Buzzbee Langstroth Beehive. Whatever you’re after, Buzzbee has a range of beehives ideal for any space.

Now you’ve thought about a hive, it’s time to consider the residents. You’ll need a queen to start your hive, but be careful when sourcing your queen. If you choose to wait for a swarm to fill your hive, you run the risk of selecting a queen carrying parasites. At Buzzbee, we have healthy queen bees available, so you can feel confident placing your queen in the hive. We also have honeybees available for sale, so you can start your hive sooner.

Bees thrive off variety in their food source, so it can never hurt to have bee feed to provide your hive with plenty of options. 

One of the most common questions the Buzzbee team hears is, ‘How much does it cost to start a beehive?’. The answer to that depends on you; you can start a hive on a budget or splurge on your newfound hobby. Our beekeeper starter kits are designed to suit all budgets, providing you with the essentials to get started. 

Remember, it’s your responsibility to ensure your bees are healthy, so you’ll need to get pest control equipment to keep ants, wasps, and parasites at bay.

Are you thinking about setting up a Melbourne apartment beehive? The Buzzbee team is here to help.

At Buzzbee, we’re here to do so much more than provide the right beekeeping equipment and tools; we’re also here to support and serve beekeepers with the information they need to make the best decisions for their bees. We’re here to help you foster your passion for bees and thrive as a beekeeper. If you’ve thought to yourself, ‘Can I have a beehive in my Melbourne apartment?’ the Buzzbee team is here to help.