100% Australian Beeswax Foundation for Cassettes

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Pack Size: 12 Mini Pack for 250g Cassettes (single frame)
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Bees Wax Foundation for Cassettes

High quality beekeeping bees wax foundation is made from 100% Pure Natural Australian Beeswax.

Buzzbee are one of the few supplies that actually custom build pure beeswax foundation for the hive cassettes. If you have never used them before then it's worth a look at the Containers Cassettes Frame Holder for Honey Comb kits.

This foundation is much smaller that the full deep where they are designed to fit on either the 250 gram or 500 gram sized cassettes. When purchasing the foundation separately, the cassettes are not included but can be purchased separately. 

Quantity of sheets required per Deep Frame holding the cassettes:

  • 250 gram sized cassettes = 12 sheets per frame
  • 500 gram sized cassettes = 6 sheets per frame

These cassettes are designed to be placed within your honey supers so at to build up honeycomb straight into the cassettes.

Our beeswax is processed in a specific way that enables the foundation to be more malleable and flexible. This is exactly what a beekeeper needs when working with such fragile products.

Nothing is added or removed from our beeswax to maintain it purity and its beautiful characteristics being 100% natural. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Thanks - the cassettes and their frames are easy to install and the bees just do their thing! I have a question - what is an easy way to get the honeycomb out of the cassettes when you want to use the honeycomb?

Vanessa D.
Foundation for cassettes

Excellent quick delivery prefect 😊

Jan S.
Grayt products

I love all mi products, thy come wel packet and protect.
Quality, perfect finish , very well presented.

Marlin R.
Excellent quality foundation

My needs for the foundation are a little off center- I shoot nostalgic black powder rifles in competition- this high quality bees wax foundation is the best sealer & lubricant I have come across- my scores have improved as a direct result of this excellent product. 5 stars!

This is an interesting use for the bees wax foundation but glad that it works well for you. Hope that we can help you again in the future.
Happy shooting.

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