Australian Beeswax Foundation for Full Depth Frames on Langstroth and Flowhives

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Australian Beeswax Foundation

High quality 100% Australian Beeswax Foundation for Langstroth and Flow Hives is made from 100% Pure Natural Australian Beeswax. These are full depth/deeps in size and are suitable for Langstroth and Flowhives.

Available is a range of quantities and can be used for both growing brood and for honey supers. The size is designed for full-deep frames.

Our 100% Australian Bees Wax Foundation for Langstroth and Flow Hives is processed in a specific way that enables the foundation to be more malleable and flexible. This is exactly what a beekeeper needs when working with such fragile products.

Nothing is added or removed from our beeswax to maintain it purity and its beautiful characteristics being 100% natural. 

Wax Foundation for Cassettes

If you require Beeswax foundation for cassettes, then click here.

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