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Andrew F.
BEE- pack colony of bees

I have had the BEE-pack now for just over two weeks. My initial experience has been very good. The Nuc transferred into its new hive without any issues, and the hive quickly established its daily schedule and I could see the worker bees returning with pollen. The hive is currently receiving supplemental feeding to help with its establishment. I look forward to inspecting the hive more thoroughly shortly. From my early interactions, it appears the hive has a good temperament.

Danny S.
Bee Arrival

Bees arrived promptly, healthy and have settled in quickly to their new home. Advice provided was excellent and welcome.


Thank you Graham, great support and healthy nuc, I highly recommend.

colin m.
quality hives

really good hives easy to assemble a little coat of linseed oil and they look wonderful

Bee Pack Colony

Received a beautiful strong healthy nuc. from Buzzbee. Thank you Graham for your all your advice and ongoing support. Very happy beekeeper. Thank you.



Ask a Question
  • Is there a pickup address near Sydney if so do you need my hive to install the colony regards Bob

    Unfortunatlly there is no pickup address in Sydney this year due to the pandemic. However we are offering a delivery service where the colonies will be brought to you in 5 Frame NUC hives of which they have been bred. These will include a new Italian Queen Bee, some drones and a few thousand worker bees.

    When you recieve them, they can be transfered from the NUC hive to your new beehive.

  • Hi Guys We live at Lillimur VIC (3420). Just wondered if you delivered bee packs to us? And if you did what would be your next delivery date? I’ve a flow hive set up ready to go.

    We deliver to a wide area across Australia so where you are located is not a problem at all.

    We have a wide range of services from DIY pickup to the Full Service where we not only deliver the bees but check the location of the hive, undertake the migration and answer a wealth of questions that you might have. We also provide tips in preparing your flow frames for the bees.

    Our colonies are grown on full deep frames which are designed to fit in the Flow hives so there is no issue in these fitting in your new hive.

    At current our next batch of colonies will be ready for the end of November 2021.

    Hope that this help you.

  • Hi Can I set something like this up in a big apartment ground floor courtyard ?

    You will need to check with your appartment managment as so to allow this. Some apartment managment will be very excited about this, others might be more cautions. We have even seen examples where beehives have been places on appartment landings high up with in appartments away from the ground floor but again you will need to check whether this allowed. 

    You might have to build a case to ensure your beehive is away from other tennants, that refquency you will be managing them and more to provide confort with your aparment managment. Please let us know how this goes for you.

  • Do your bee packs include a queen or do you have to buy that seperately

    There is no need to buy an additional queen bee as she is included with the Bee-Packs. She is included together with some drones and a few thousand worker bees. Together this is a colony of bees that are included within our NUC hives.

  • Does the bee pack include a queen

    The NUC Packages of bees that we sell include one Queen Bee, a few Dromes and few thousand Worker Bees.

    These all together forms what is called a colony of bees.

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