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The Ceracell Beekeeping Top 8 Frame Box Feeder is ideal for beehives boxes/supers that contain 8 frames. Its simple and easy construction allows for quick installation with minimal effort and offers reliable feeding.

These are also perfect for Flow Hives which commonly are angled backwards allowing the bees to drink every drop of sugar syrup. Typically on most feeders, some of the syrup can't be accessed due to the slight slope these hives need to be angled at. With the patented protected corner access system, honey bees will now have access to all the syrup you feed them.  This is the new industry standard by Ceracell.



Top feeders are great for feeding raw or dry white sugar in the early and mid-winter. Feeding in this way, don't use a "chimney cap" and let the bees range across the feeder on the raw/dry sugar.  Raw sugar is considered better, as it has a bit of moisture in it already and the bees can work it and take it up.  If using dry white sugar you may want to add a small damp sponge to the top feeder to give the bees some moisture to work the sugar.

In the late winter/early spring you may want to feed a syrup (follow the instructions  https://buzzbee.com.au/blogs/info/how-make-sugar-syrup-for-bees here). This shouldn't simulate a flow of high nectar and as a result stimulate the queen to lay. When feeding in this way, use a chimney cap to restrict the bees and prevent them from getting out in the bulk of the liquid to reduce drownings. 


The Ceracell top feeder is a feeding device used in beekeeping to provide supplementary feed to bees during times of dearth or when there is a shortage of nectar or pollen. Here are the steps to use the Ceracell 8 Frame top feeder:

  1. Preparation: First, ensure that the feeder is clean and free from any debris or dirt. Then, mix the feed according to the recipe you are using.

    • Autumn Feeding - We recommend 2:1 (sugar:water)
    • Spring Feeding -  We recommend 1:1 (sugar:water)
    • New Colonies/NUC -  We recommend 2:1 (sugar:water)
    • Emergency Feeding -  We recommend 2:1 (sugar:water)

    There is a Blog we have written about how to make Sugar Syrup that you might find useful https://buzzbee.com.au/blogs/info/how-make-sugar-syrup-for-bees

  2. Placement: The Ceracell top feeder is designed to be placed on top of the hive, on the inner cover. Remove the outer cover/roof of the hive, and place the feeder directly on the inner cover.

  3. Filling: Fill the feeder with the prepared feed. Make sure to fill the feeder with the appropriate amount of feed for your colony size, as overfeeding can cause issues such as drowning or excessive moisture buildup.

  4. Monitoring: After filling the feeder, replace the outer cover of the hive. Check the feeder regularly to ensure that the bees are consuming the feed and that there are no issues with excess moisture or any other problems.

It is important to note that the Ceracell top feeder should only be used when necessary and in accordance with best practices in beekeeping. Overfeeding can cause a number of issues, and it is important to closely monitor your bees and their behaviour to ensure that they are healthy and thriving.


  • Top Feeder includes:
    • Corner and centre chimney caps are included with the the heavy duty plastic feeder however the Wooden Rim are sold separately or part of a kit.
    • Extra Heavy Duty with underside ribs for strength
    • Made from 100% virgin food grade plastic
    • Holds 8.5 Litres/2.25 Gallons of liquid feed
    • Patented special corner access
    • Center chimney access cap
    • Helps prevent drowned bees
  • Feed DRY or LIQUID
  • 8 Frame Dimensions:
    • metric - 51 × 35.5 × 9 cm
    • imperial- 20 x 14 × 3 ½ in

      Also available in 5 Frame (Nuc) or 10 Frame size.

      *Note* - Corner/Chimney Caps are included with the main feeder however the Wooden Rim are sold separately or part of a kit.


      Ceracell 8 Frame Top feeder including the corners and central chimney

      The Ceracell 8 Frame Top feeder is sold with the corners and central chimney.

      Ceracell 8 Frame Top Feeder with the optional Rim Box in Flatpack

      Also available with the optional Rim Box in Flatpack.

      Ceracell 8 Frame Top Feeder with the optional Rim Box Assembled and Painted

      Also available with the optional Rim Box Assembled and Painted.

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      Ceracell top feeder

      This is a great feeder and very easy to use

      Luke C.

      Ceracell Beekeeping 8 Frame Top Feeder

      Paul J.
      Ceracell Beekeeping 8 Frame Top Feeder

      Well designed product, makes feeding in winter very easy without disturbing the bees.

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