Conical Cone Shaped Bee Escape - Yellow Plastic - 10 Pack

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Beekeeping Plastic Cone Beehive Escape for Drones & Worker Bees or used for Wasp Trapping Escape Traps

Bee Escaping from under the roof/outer cover.
The original use of these cones is to allow the easy exit of bees from the space between the inner-cover and outer cover (roof) of a beehive. This is to aid bees that are caught within this space to escape the hive, rather than stay in the void and die.

To enable this, the hole at the top of the cone is narrowed to 7 mm in diameter. This allows bees to walk up the inside of the cone towards the exit hole and squeeze through the hole at at the end of the cone to escape. 

Due to its shape, it is extremely difficult to re-enter through the narrowed hole back into the hive. As a result this component effectively acts as a one-way valve.

Deep Clearance Boards
In addition they can be added to deep clearance boards to clear bees from one chamber/super in preparation for harvesting honey.

Wasp Traps
Another adaptation is to place the cone into a lid of an empty jar, with the funnel side inwards. By adding a lure of jam and water into the jar, this will attract wasps through the funnel and effectively trapping them.


  • The vertical slots in the plastic cone are 4mm wide (0.157″).
  • All fixing holes that are used to attach to a surface are 1.6  – 2 mm in diameter.
  • Made of quality high-density polypropylene to ensure durability in use.



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Trevor T.
Happy with service

Got exactly what I was after at a good price and at a good timeframe. Overall very happy with the service.

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