Double Walled 90 Litre Heated Temperature Controlled Table Top Honey/Wax Melter Tank

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This flexible double walled honey tank can be used almost anywhere, from on tables, on the floor or correctly placed on a shelf. Together with the heating element this enables the honey to be stored for long periods of time whilst enabling you to control when you wish to bottle from this tank. The thermostat manual control allows you to bring it to a pre-desired set temperature without overheating the honey.

The tank is constructed of quality food grade heavy gauge 304 stainless steel providing a hygienic and easy to clean storage tank. This storage tank is ideal to soften and reverse the crystallisation of honey before bottling. This will effectively return crystallised honey back to a liquid state.

The double wall of the tank which is filled with water, provides a uniform radiation of heating through out the walls of the honey tank. In addition the glass tube indicator to the side of the honey tank, is used to indicate the water level.

Although this product is designed to melt honey back to a viscous state to aid the bottling of honey, the tank can also be used to heat wax because pure bees wax melts at approximately 62 to 65 degrees Celsius

The variable heating control provides you flexibility 30°C - 110°C

This is tank is suitable for the hobby/amateur beekeeper and professional.

  • Capacity: 90L
  • Diameter(inner): 450mm
  • Height (inner): 540mm
  • Diameter(outer): 500mm
  • Height (outer): 780mm
  • Power:1.5KW
  • Temp control: 30°C - 110°C
  • 10 amp Australian/New Zealand plug. 240 volt. Suitable for Australian/New Zealand single phase power.

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