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Beekeeping Electric Wiring Embedder - Wax Foundation to Wired Frames Assembly Tool

This tool is designed to slightly melt a line of beeswax along the wires of frames and then reset. This effectively embeds the wire into wax foundation using a *12V DC electric power supply to heat the wires and then bond firmly between the foundation and frame wiring.

To use, press the wire onto the wax foundation using the 4 copper protrusions and then by pressing the switch button located towards the end of the embedder, apply current which will heat up the wire. Press for a short period, just enough to melt the wax, allowing the wire to merge into the wax foundation. Pulsing (pressing up and down quickly) the button can help prevent over-heating and melting all the way through the foundation. Once the foundation has melted onto the wire, release the switch and keep the embedder in place a few seconds longer for the wax to solidify. When the wax has solidified and cooled, the frame is ready to be placed in the hive.

*The transformer to provide the 12V DC power source is sold separately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brian H.
Bee Waxing Embedder

Works like a charm.

Ken M.
works great

Easy to use and very effective.

peter K.
quick delivery and great service

does the job nicely

Gilly S.

Great ! easy to use

Helen S.
Electric Wire Embedding Tool

Great service, great tool

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