Queen Excluder Plastic Grill


Hive Size: 8 Frame Size
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These plastic queen excluder is available in two sizes (8 and 10 Frame Langstroth). The gaps in the excluder are designed to allow the worker bees through to the honey supers but not the larger sized queen or drones.

Using a queen excluder can be a helpful way to stop the queen accessing the honey supers and laying new eggs within the honey comb. This effectively separates the brood breeding zone to the honey storage area making it easier for harvesting at a later stage.
If the queen lays eggs in the honey supers it can be difficult to harvest clean honey and prevent the killing of unborn bees.


  • 8 Frame Dimensions 505mm x 360mm
  • 10 Frame Dimensions 509mm x 420mm
  • Plastic construction

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