Natural Beeswax Queen Bee Cell Making Kit with Silicon Moulds and Wax Melting Burette Pot

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Our Natural Beeswax Queen Bee Cell Making Kit offers everything you need to create perfectly-shaped queen bee cells. Our silicon moulds and wax melting pot combine with a Burette to quickly and accurately melt beeswax. The resulting cells are ideal for queen bee breeding. The kit also comes with a comprehensive instructional guide to help you get the most out of your queen bee cell making and breeding experience. This guide includes tips and tricks to achieve optimal cell shapes and maximise your queen bee breeding success. This kit allows you to confidently create queen bee cells that offer superior quality because they are made directly using beeswax. The finished product of using quality waxed cells is essential for their successful breeding. With the right equipment and clear instruction, you can enjoy queen breeding success from your own bee yard.

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Phill T.
Natural queen bee cell

Nice and easy to use just like making a candle

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