Paradise Honey 8 Frame, 4Q Nuc & Mating Hive Dividing Board

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Insert this board in the three dividing locations within the 4Q NUC and Mating Hive to transform your beehive into four equally sized, 2 frame nucleus colonies. This can also result in making four mating NUC using this method. Alternatively by removing a divider as specific configurations, you can create 2, 4, 6 and 8 Frame colonies.

With the Q4 Frame Nuc Hive & Mating Hive, four queens can be mated simultaneously within the same box by dividing this 8 frame hive into 4, two frame mating units. If used as a mating hive each two frame compartment should be equipped with a frame with emerging brood and the second frame containing food (or a frame feeder) together with a sealed queen cell or hatched virgin queen. After the queen is establish and laying, the queen can be removed and the unit can be reused for mating another queen. At the end of the season in the Autumn (Fall), the dividers can be removed and the eight frame colony can be united as one, resulting in overwintered with a single young queen. 

NOTE: The Super/Body/Box is sold separately and is not included with the dividing plate.


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