Paradise Honey 9 Frame Polystyrene Hives with Feeder and 3 Full Deep Bodies/Supers/Boxes

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Our 9 frame polystyrene hives offer exceptional thermal performance and durability whilst maintaining an ergonomic design. This means a higher honey production compared to wooden hives, but with minimal weight. This type of polystyrene hive does not use inner covers/crown boards. Instead, we have an in-built feeding system for sugar syrup / fondant or straight raw sugar.

Features & Inclusions

A complete high-density polystyrene (EPS) Langstroth hive from leading manufacturer Paradise Honey consists of:

  • Langstroth roof lid /outer cover
  • Langstroth floor/base and pest mesh
  • 3 x full depth bodies/supers/boxes
  • Full sized 8.5 litre feeder
  • Queen excluder
  • Hive adjustable entrance reducer
  • FREE BONUS: Premium Emlock hive strap

Optional Extras:

  • 9 x (per body) - 27 wooden full deep frames
  • 9 x (per body) - 27 sheets of foundation for the frames (choice of one of the following)
    • Australian bees wax foundation
    • Plastic foundation sheets - wax coated
    • Plastic foundation sheets - non-wax coated

All Paradise Honey hive components are shipped flat-packed.

The Most Technically Advanced Hive in Australia

We pride ourselves on offering beekeepers the most technically advanced hive currently available in Australia. The high-density polystyrene material now dominates the market in many parts of Europe. With tens of thousands of hives like this in use across Europe, Australian beekeeper can be reassured this is a high-quality product that works. The hive is designed for a working life of at least 30 years and will take a lot of hard use, including migratory beekeeping. Designed and supplied by Paradise Honey of Finland, these 9 frame polystyrene hives represent the accumulation of years of experience and research into the development of the perfect bee hive.

Each body/super takes 9 full depth Langstroth frames.

All components are available to buy separately.

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