Buzzbee 6 Frame Electric Honey Extractor (Stainless Steel)

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Good extractor

This is a robust and easy to use extractor. It does a great job extracting honey from frames. The positioning of the honey gate maximises the flow of honey out of the bottom of the unit.

It is easy to take apart for cleaning and maintenance when needed.

The only minor issue I have had with it is the legs do not lock onto the unit at the bottom of the extractor, so it wobbles a little. This was easily resolved by adding some packing between the bottom of the extractor and the legs to dampen the wobble.

I added a sturdy wooden base on caster wheels to help move the extractor around the honey shed. The extra height helped to fit the bucket and bucket-top filter screen, and the wooden base added rigidity to the leg assembly.

So far I've extracted several hundred kgs of honey with no problems at all.

Terrence V.
6 Frame Radial Extractor

The design seems good. The motor now lies on its side and the controls on top bar. Hopefully the gearbox will stand the work changing direction from horizontal to vertical. The barrel now sits on 3 metal bars 25mm wide each. I have strengthened this with a wooden base to give support. The width is great because with locking wheels on the legs it rolls through doorways easily. The manual is very basic written in a foreign country and I haven't worked out how to get the basket out yet. Manual says it should lift out but I think the design has changed and is now locked in with a grub screw. All in all SS work is very good and am quite pleased.

Mark S.
6 frame radial extractor

The design is good. It is a little different from the original picture with the speed control now mounted on top which gets it out of the way a bit. The extra bracing on the legs is really excellent. The moulded honey gate is another good improvement. I haven't used it with honey yet but when testing on arrival, it looked to perform well. Thank you



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  • Hi guys I see you have afterpay and ZIP. Do you by any chance also deal with Humm as it is the only one of these services I use.

    We currently support Afterpay and Zip Pay but not Humm. However we are continiouslly reviewing new payment methods all the time where if this fits and supports our customers we might consider this in the future.

  • Would you be able to send me a photo of the basket please.

    Please see some photos of the Buzzbee 6 Frame Electric Honey Extractor for your viewing.

    You will notice that the cage is of a radial design so no need to remove the frames and turn the other way round to extract the other side of the frames.

    Cage made of High Quality 304 Stainless-steel.

    Buzzbee 6 Frame Electric Extractor - Cage Design

    Buzzbee 6 Frame Electric Extractor - Cage Design - Inside Extractor

    Buzzbee 6 Frame Electric Extractor - Cage Design - Inside Extractor

    Buzzbee 6 Frame Electric Extractor - Cage Design - Inside Extractor

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