Pure 100% Australian Beewax - Large Bar

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Indulge in the pure aroma of Australian Beeswax with Buzzbee Beekeeping's 100% Large Bar. This beekeeping essential helps ensures your honeybees produce enough honey to fill the Flow Frames by :-

  • strengthening the hive
  • providing a surface for honeycomb construction.

Coating beeswax on plastic foundation increases bee acceptance, making it easier for them to build a successful honeycomb.

Some beekeepers report that introducing some beeswax onto the Flow frames may encourage the bees to work them. This can be done by either gently rubbing pure beeswax over the surface of the frames. Alternatively, you can melt some wax and using a small paint roller (with foam roller) or a brush, to apply it on the frames while it is still liquid being careful not to put too much on.

This single block weighs approximately 440g grams (1 lb) and is composed of natural, unbleached and chemical-free beeswax, harvested directly from one of our selected Australian beekeepers. This size is perfect if wishing to use for coating your Flow Frames.

Quantity: 1 single Bar

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