Queen Bee Isolation Cage for Forcing Brood Breaks for Varroa Treatments Kit

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Cage for Fighting Varroa through a Forced Brood Break

This kit provides an effective and easy-to-use Varroa control method: the Queen Bee Isolation Cage. By separating the queen bee from her hive for brood breaks, it effectively interrupts the life cycle of Varroa mites and helps protect your bees from infestations.

The Varroa Confinement Queen Collection Cage

The cage allows the queen bee confinement but the passage of worker bees. Once confined to the cage, the queen stops laying throughout the caging period, without effecting its state of health and without too much effort from the beekeeper.

Kit Queen Collector and Marking Holding Fork

With this practical tools you can easily and confidently capture and mark the queen bee in a simple way and without damaging her:

  1. The plastic Holding Fork is equipped with a flexable elastic band to easily hold the queen bee still on the honeycomb, without damaging her;
  2. In conjunction with the Queen Collector, then allows the beekeeper to confine the queen bee effectively and fast in the Confinement Queen Collection Cage where she will be restricted from laying. This will create a forced brood break.


  • fast and secure marking
  • Queen confinement fast
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • No damage to the bee queen

Technical features

  • Queen Collector is made of transparent plastic


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