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Select the colour pen: Queen Bee Marking Kit 1 with Yellow Marker Pen
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  • Hi, I asked a question a couple of days ago but to date I have not received a reply. The question was - Can you Mark the Queen while she is in the holder? Cheers Hans

    If you are referring to marking the queen bee in the queen bee cage that she comes in, this is not possible. You need to let her eat her way out and then after she is settled (2 or 3 weeks later) then can undertake her marking. You may want to consider using the Queen Bee Marking and Managment kit to help you (https://buzzbee.com.au/collections/all-beekeeping-kits/products/queen-bee-marking-and-management-kit-1).

  • If you catch Queen in Queen Catcher can you mark Queen while she is still in the holder or do you still need to pick her up with your fingers to mark her with one of the coloured marker pens?

    You can use the One Hand Queen Bee Catcher (https://buzzbee.com.au/collections/queen-cages-and-catchers/products/queen-queen-marking-tube-operated-by-one-hand) to hold and contain the queen during the marking process. If you are new to the process, we recommend using this process, rather than catch and hold her between the fingers.

    Once inside, slowly move the foam level upwards to hold her into position where using the marker you can painted on the back, hust behind her head.

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