Queen Bee Marking Pen (Range of colours)

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Colour: White
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  • This high-quality marker pen is water based providing a safe, versatile method to mark your queen bees.
  • Marking your queen bee helps you identify and find her when searching through thousands of bees.
  • The markers provide strong coverage and rich colour.
  • It is easy to use
  • Durable and long life.


  • Capture the queen bee in a Queen Bee Catcher or cage. We personally recommend using the "One Handed Queen Bee Catcher". Ensure the queen bee is not crushed, hurt or injured and that you can easily access the thorax (on her back behind her head) of the bee.
  • When ready to use, first initiating colour flow through the nib by writing on some cardboard.
  • Once colour is flowing well, lightly place a single dot of colour on her thorax.
  • Keep the queen bee in the cage/catcher for 3 minutes allowing the colour to dry. Once complete, release her back into the frames of the hive.

Year Marking Colours
Some beekeepers use colour codes to mark their queens based on the year they are hatched.
In fact, there is an international colour code for bees. This allows you to tell the age of any a marked queen.

Year ending: Colour
5 or 0 Blue
6 or 1 White
7 or 2 Yellow
8 or 3 Red
9 or 4 Green
For example, if you re-queened a queen in 2021 - you would put a white dot on her thorax.

Please note your delivery will be a random colour unless you purchase a range of marker pens. If may request a specific colour then please let us know but we cannot guarantee this colour will be available, if this the case a substitute colour will be substituted.

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