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Queen Bee Besties

Great service and knowledge. Pickup was really easy and we got invaluable advice then and after (when we had trouble getting the old queen ousted).
Packaging of her majesty was perfect and we kept her for about three days before we installed her with no problems what so ever. She has made a perfectly calm and robust colony that has survived from an autumn time split. Very satisified - thanks Buzzbees. We will buy more.

Thank you for your kind word and glad we could help. We are sure she will lay well for the new Spring season ahead. Hope that we can help again in the future.
Best Regards
Buzzbee Team

Nic K.
Beautiful Healthy Queen Bees

My 2 Queen Bees arrived quickly in their seperate cages with 7 live attendants. Both queens were accepted by my hives and both started laying eggs within 5 days. I had suddenly lost 2 Queens and my hives would most certainly failed without Buzzbees help! Will definitely use their Queens again. Extremely happy and satisfied x

We at Buzzbee are glad that we could help you out. We are happy with the quality of our queens and so our our many customers. Thank you for purchasing your queen bee from us.

Suzanne H.
Just in time

I was desperate for a queen after checking my hive and finding that it looked like my queen had died and the hive was diminishing. Knowing that it can be hard to get a queen in autumn I sent off for a new queen, hoping it would all go well. The queen arrived surprisingly quickly and we popped her in the hive. We checked about three weeks later and all seemed to be going well. I have since noticed that the hive is busy and all seems to be well, so it was all just in time.

We at pleased we could help you out and sure your queen will grow from strength to strength.

David W.
Prompt delivery and healthy queen

Package arrived with queen and 4/5 workers. Bees looked healthy and the candy plug was secure. Bees in the hive removed it an about 2 days and I was getting larvae in about 2 weeks


Will let you know when we open hive.. fingers crossed



Ask a Question
  • I have a very angry hive of bees, from which I just took 3 frames from to split the hive with a new queen from buzzbees. If I bought another queen for this hive, how do I find and oust the old queen??

    If you are having difficulties in finding the queen bee then we recommend a different technique which we call the shake check method.


    This requires the following equipment.




    1. Using the carpet tape, place a strip around the top inside ONE of the boxes. Therefore, you will have a thin strip touching the top edge of the box but stuck on the inside of the box.
    2. Get the smoker working well with lots of smoke.
    3. Now move the entire hive aside a few feet apart from the floor. Do not move the floor.
    4. Place on the brood/super box that does not hold the tape.
    5. Add the queen excluder above this box.
    6. Add the second super with the tape on top of the queen excluder with the tape side upwards.
    7. Now methodically with the brood box that contains the queen, pick up one frame at a time and carefully move the frame over to the brood box/super that contains the tape. Carefully but firmly shake the bees off the frames so that they fall onto the queen excluder. The bees will try to move up the side of the box where the tape will act as a basic barrier as they do not like the texture and helps keep them down below this line.
    8. After shaken the bees from the frame, double check that no straggler bees that are still holding on contain the queen bee. Now move the frame aside and place into the 3rd Super box noting the order and orientation you have taken then out of the original brood box.
    9. Using the smoker, puff the bees to encourage the bees to move downwards through the queen excluder. You are effectively using the queen excluder in reverse.
    10. The idea is that the worker bees will go through the queen excluder where the drones and the queen bee will not. By scanning the surface, you should find the queen bee trying to get through.
    11. Repeat this process with all the remaining frames until you find the queen bee.
    12. Once found, capture the queen in a queen bee catcher similar to https://buzzbee.com.au/products/queen-queen-catcher-clip-plastic
    13. Once found the queen and placing her aside, using the bottom deep box now using this as the new brood box, slowly replace the frames that you have shaken out. Carefully reassembling the frames in the same order and orientation.
    14. You now have a colony that is now queen-less.



    Please note that if you have an aggressive colony that has recently had a queen, please do not add a new queen in to the colony for at least 48 hours. You need the colony to recognise that they are queen-less for a longer period of time before adding in a new queen bee.

  • Hi, Just wondering what the time frame between ordering and delivery is, and what the delivery method is? Ta!

    At the moment as Spring has just started, so has the breeding of Queen Bees. We expect that the first batch of Queens will be ready in Mid-October. At this point the bees will be ready for either pickup or will be posted. If posted our customers will recieve a tracking number to track the queen bees all their way to their new home.

  • Hi. I have a new 10 frame hive, no bees. Will a new queen and some workers be enough to start a hive?

    If you are wanting to start up a new beehive from scratch then you need what is called a colony of bees. This contains 1 queen bee, possibly some drone bees but also thousands of worker bees. These can be purchased here https://BuzzBee.com.au/bees .

    You can not start up a new hive with just a queen bee, you need a whole community to support her to not only manage the hive, take care of the new brood but also to venture out to collect nectar and pollen.

    Hope that this helps you.

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