Spray Pump with Adjustable Brass Nozzle for Assisting in Collecting and Controlling Swarms - 1L

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This versatile spay is 1 lite in size which is small enough for your hive tool box but not to large to take up too much space.

This pump spray can be filled with either straight water or combined with some sugar to create a sticky formula liquid that can be sprayed on bees to reduce the chance of flying. This is ideal when trying to catch swarms and trying to reduce the number of flying bees in the air. 

Bee Friendly Weed-Killer
Alternatively the sprayer can be used to hold a customised weed killer formula like white vinegar, salt and water which can be sprayed near your beehive to keep vegetation down and also potentially treat the soil to reduce small hive beetles from growing in the soils below.

Made from polypropylene its versatile a tough enough for general beekeeping duties.

Capacity: 1000 ml
Air Pressure: 0.6 Bar

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