TopBait Plus 35g Applicator for Treatment and Control of Small Hive Beetles and Cockroaches

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Protect your beehives! Topbait™ Plus is a pesticide bait that has been specially formulated as a gel, where it is manufactured in Australia and can be used to control Small Hive Beetle. Used together with the "Beetle Barn Type Hive Beetle Traps", they work together to not only attract the pests to the trap but also destroy the pesty Small Hive Beetles and Cockroaches.

TopBait Plus is the perfect choice for beekeepers looking to protect their hives. It is highly effective at controlling and reducing Small Hive Beetle (SHB) and Cockroach populations, resulting in healthier colonies and increased honey production.


Fill the middle position of the 'Beetle Barn Style Trap' with the gel, and check it regularly every month during the spring and summer. Place the trap on top of the brood frame area within the hive or through the entrance, under the frames.
Do not put the gel directly into the hive box - place in recommended traps ONLY

Package of 1 x Topbait Plus 35g applicator


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Tim P.
Top bait

Awesome product, works really well and easy to use.

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