Wiring Assembly and Bees Wax Foundation Embedding Kit - Kit 1

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Wiring Assembly and Bees Wax Foundation Embedding Kit - Kit 1

To bind pure beeswax foundation onto wooden frames, the process requires a number of steps. This predominantly can be broken down into two areas after a frame is made together. The first being the adding wire to a frame and the second is adding the sheet of wax foundation to the tension wires running across the frame.

Wiring a beehive frame gives it strength and provides structural support for wax comb. This prevents sagging and enables the frame and comb on it to tolerate honey extraction without breaking apart. Beekeepers should keep in mind that the purpose of wiring frames is to not only hold comb in place, but also to prevent it from distorting therefore creating a straight, rigid structure to build from.

Other reasons for wiring a frame are:

  • Keeps the comb more stable during transport (so don't lose as much honey)
  • The foundation encourages the bees to build straight comb in the right direction so that frames can easily be removed by the beekeeper either to inspect the hive or take the honey
  • The beekeeper can help control the size of the holes in the comb to encourage more worker bees to be laid and provide fewer drones.
  • The bees don't have to waste energy building as much comb themselves (and can make more honey)
  • Easier for the beekeeper to manage inspections with uniform comb within the frames.

The kit includes the following:

Beekeeping wiring and embedding kit for beeswax foundation from Buzzbee Beekeeping
  • 1 X Frame Wiring Assembly Jig Tool
    • This steel frame wiring assembly jig will aid, easy wiring of your wooden frames.
    • The jig supports and holds the frame in place whilst making it easy to tension the wire across the frame sides.
    • This assembly jig can be used on Full Depth size frames and smaller size such as WSP, Manley or Ideal sizes.
  • 1 x Stainless-steel wire (500g)
    • Used to provide a tensile wired structure on beehive frames.
    • Stainless Steel is more resistant to corrosion than galvanised wire and will last many years in the hive frames without corrosion to water or the moisture of honey.
  • 1000 x Eyelets for Beehive Frames
    • Made of brass for durability.
    • Used during frame making by inserting into the pre-drilled holes in frame side bars in preparation to wiring a frame.
  • 1 Pack (approx 100gms) – Panel pins/tacks
    • 11mm panel pins/tacks, for attachment of wire to frames.
    • Beekeeping Tacks and Nails for wiring frames to the stainless-steel wire for beeswax foundation from Buzzbee Beekeeping
  • 1 x Wire Crimper Frame Tensioner
    • Wire tensioner is used to provide tension to lose frame wire.
      Placed on the completed wire, grip tight, then pull along the wire, it will crimp the wire and tighten in one movement
  • 1 x Wheel Type Wire Embedder
    • For best results ensure that the wax foundation sheets are warmed up to between 25-30°C (75-86°F) to ensure the wax in more malleable and softer to use. Dip the embedder into hot water and roll over the wire with the sheet of wax foundation underneath. It’s advised to place a support under the foundation when pressing the two together. 
  • 1 x Electric Wiring Embedder Tool
    • The wire embedder is used to secure a thin layer of foundation wax into each timber frame.
    • Depending on the frame design and its size, a number of strands of stainless-steel wire are threaded across the frame. The frame is to be laid flat, with the wires on top of a sheet of foundation wax. Sometimes padding and support underneath the wax sheet might be required to maintain a touching contact between the wire and the foundation sheet. A sheet of wood like MDF/plywood can work well.
    • The embedder is then used to push the wire into the wax.
      For the best results place the foundation sheet into the top slot of the wired beehive frame.
  • 1 x Embedder Electric Transformer for Electric Wiring Embedder Tool
    • Electrical power supply for the above Electric Wiring Embedder Tool. Connected using the crocodile clips provided or can be used directly on the wired frame using the contact clips.
  • 1 x Eyelet Spike
    • Eyelet spike to assisting in the insertion of brass eyelets into the beehive frame side bars.
    • Beekeeping eyelets spike for aiding the insertion of brass eyelets in to the sides of the beehive frames

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