Beekeeping Supplies in Queensland

Both amateur and professional beekeepers must have the right equipment to successfully look after their bees while keeping themselves safe. As a leading supplier of beekeeping supplies in Queensland, Buzzbee is proud to have everything you need. We’re on par with other leading beekeeping product manufacturers and can provide everything from beekeeping frames and hives through to an alternative to the flow hive QLD customers can rely on.


Buzzbee stocks a wide range of NUC and Langstroth beehive, making it easy to get the honey you’re after. Hives act as a place for your bees to store their food reserves and continue to breed, ensuring you’ll always have plenty of bees living in there to produce honey for you.

Beekeeping Frames

Beekeeping frames are a necessity, as this where your bees will build their honeycombs. They come with small rectangular frames that the bees inside the beehive can fit into in order to lay in and make honey. Buzzbee offers both plastic and wooden bee frame products, together with a wide range of foundation options being Pure Bees Wax Foundation, Plastic foundation (wax coated) and plastic foundation non-coated. In addition, we hold a wide range beehive Frame sizes of various depths being the Full Depth (Deep), WSP, Manley and Ideal frames.

Bee Smokers

Smokers are one of the most important types of beekeeping supplies QLD beekeepers require to safely work with bees. A bee smoker discharges smoke that will put bees into a lull, minimising the likelihood of getting stung while inspecting the hive or doing other necessary work in the bee harvesting space. The smoke is also a useful tool for clearing bees away from areas you are working where you are needing to place your fingers and hands.

Queen Bee Catchers

All beehives require a queen bee that will lead the bees and keep them producing honey. At Buzzbee, we can supply you with a queen bee catcher that’s suitable for the type of beehive you’re working with, helping to keep the queen contained without causing her harm or disrupting the hive from producing honey.

Beekeeping Suits

No matter how experienced you may be at beekeeping and how knowledgeable you are regarding bee behaviour, you need a beekeeping suit that will cover your whole body to stop bees from stinging you. Buzzbee stocks durable, high-quality suits for beekeeping in QLD that you can rely on to keep you safe at all times..

We are a proud to announce that we are now supplying the incredible RhinoGuard Range of beekeeping Suits, Jackets and Gloves. This is covering the very popular RhinoGuardMax products with Triple Mesh protection and the RhinoGuardPro Range to provide that ultimate in protection. We offer beekeeping suits in both adults and children’s sizes.

Beekeeping Gloves

No beekeeper should ever open a beehive or work near one without wearing specially made beekeeping gloves. Buzzbee stocks gloves for beekeeping in QLD that leave no part of the hands or arms uncovered. Our beekeeping gloves are made from durable materials that keep users safe and comfortable at the same time. In order to view our full range of gloves, click here.

Bee Feeders

Bees need to be kept fed throughout the year, including when it’s not blooming season and there’s less pollen and nectar available for them to feed on. Bee feeders are one of the most important types of beekeeping supplies QLD beekeepers need to use during these times, allowing their bees to remain fed. Buzzbee stocks entrance feeders, deep frame feeders and other feeder products for your beehive.

Beekeeping Scrapers

Beekeepers can get the scrapers they need from Buzzbee. Our scrapers come with comfortable wooden handles you can grip onto while combing through honeycombs inside the hive. The other end of the scraper has a roller with strong plastic needles that penetrate the propolis and extract the honey within, making honey extraction easier.

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