Beekeeping Deep Frame Kits

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Size: 8 Frame
Foundation for Frames: Frames Only (No Foundation)
Built: Unassembled
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Deep Frames Extension Add-on Kit

Frames are the most common pieces of your hive that you would ever need. From replacing old frames, to needing that extra frame for the new super in an emergency for swarm season. It's always worth being prepared for that time when you need to expand your beehive.

These beekeeping frame packages, provides quality wooden frames together with your choice of foundation. This is compatible with Flow, Auto-Flow, Langstroth and Australian beehives.

Available in both 8 (6 frame Flow) and 10 (7 frame Flow) Frame sizes.

These frames (depending upon the size of your box) can be used for both brood and for honey supers.

Now available with 100% Australian beeswax foundation, plastic wax coated or plastic non-wax coated foundation. 

Please note that your will be require extra tools and equipment to assemble the beeswax foundation onto the frames. These are sold separately. 
Wiring Assembly Frame
Stainless-Steel Wire

Electric Wire Embedder
Wiring Embedding Board
Wheel Embedding Tool

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