Electric Wiring Embedder Board for Wax Foundation

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Beekeeping Electric Wax Foundation Wiring Embedding Board

This beeswax foundation embedding tool enables fast assembly of bees wax to the wires of frames. The tool is designed to slightly melt all line of beeswax along the wires of frames simultaneously and then cool to bond on the wire seconds later. This process effectively embeds the wire into wax foundation using the electric power supply which heats the wire enough to melt bees wax.

To use, follow the steps:-

  1. Turn on the power, then place a wired frame into position as shown below. Ensure that the contacts touch the start and end positions where the wire is threaded into the frames.

  2. Carefully place a sheet of bees wax foundation on top of the wire, ensuring its accurately positioned.
  3. Next place the pressing board on top of the bees wax foundation.
  4. When ready simultaneously using your foot, press the foot peddle button to start the heating up of the frame wires and press down on the pressing board. The LED light will start flashing.
  5. When the LED light stops flashing the heating will have finished, however remain the pressure on the pressing board for a further 5 seconds.
  6. Remove the pressing board and frame from the embedder. This process is now finished.

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