Ant Proof Feet for your Bee Hive (Pack of 4)

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It is inevitable that at some point, your bees will have problems with ants wanting to either take a taste of the bee’s delicious honey or the sugar syrup that you might provide them. This useful add-on to your beehive will help prevent ants crawling up into your beehive.

Simply attach the 4 ant feet to either the base of your hive or hive-stand and then fill the bottom reservoir cap with vegetable oil. The top lid disc that covers the bottom cap is designed to act as a rain guard and prevent water from filtering into the cap. The oil in the cap effectively creates a barrier that the ants will not what to pass and as a result keep them away from your bee hive. 

The ant proof feet are easy to assemble and made of 304 Stainless Steel.

Hight: 70m 
Cup: 40mm wide
Cup/cap depth: 10mm
Cover/Lid/Disc: 60mm wide

Pack contains a set of 4 feet

Screws for attachment to hive are not included.

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