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Beekeeping Beehive Frame Holder Perch for Holding Beehive Frames off the Ground.

This attached to the side of the beehive and enables the beekeeper to keep frames of bees off the ground. Made of stainless steel preventing the exposure to rust. High...
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Beekeeping Round Hat and Veil with Strap under the Chin

This wide brimmed hat with veil is popular for quick inspections or for observers who want to get close whilst protecting their faces. The circular round shape enables the head...
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Queen Bee Marking Pen (Range of colours)

This high-quality marker pen is water based providing a safe, versatile method to mark your queen bees. Marking your queen bee helps you identify and find her when searching through...


Beekeeping Gloves - Sheepskin - White

Beekeeping Gloves - Sheepskin - White made of soft goatskin and cotton Beekeepers long sleeve gloves. suitable and comfortable for the bee keepers size: XS, S, M, L, XL,XXL Glove...


Beekeeping Hive Tool with J Shaped Hook - HT-8

Beekeeping Stainless Steel Bee Hive Tool with the J hook enabling the easy removal of frames out of the bee hive. FREE SHIPPING!Please note: due to high demand, please allow...
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Honey Strainer Filter Stainless Steel with Double Strainer

Features: Made of durable stainless steel material. Good quality and easy to use. Adjustable to fit most bucket or honey tanks with its adjustable arms allowing the strainer to fit...
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Buzzbee Bee Brush with Double Bristles

This bee brush has long, soft, flexible bristles allowing it to be gentle enough for brushing bees off queen cells, yet firm enough to remove bees from frames, supers, or...
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Black Small Bee Hive Beetle Blaster Beehive Trap, to be placed between Frames (Pack 5)

Used to help control the black hive beetles. Easy to use to help control mites by adding vegetable oil into the reservoir. Place the Blaster between the top of the...
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Bee Brush with Double Horse Hair Bristle and Wooden Handle

Beekeeping bee brush with soft double horse hair bristles together with a sturdy wooden handle. FREE SHIPPING!Please note: due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping
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Bee Hive Red Numbers for Labelling your Hive

High quality plastic, durable and easy to use. A great way to label your hives and help track their performance. These are non-toxic, harmless to bees and light weight. A...
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Langstroth Hive Stand with Frame Holder

Tough plastic beehive stand is ideal for raising your beehive off of the ground, making it easier to reach as you work on your bees. It fits a standard 10...
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Beekeeping Protective Suit with Superior Hood - White

This beekeepers suit can protect beekeepers from being stung by bees when opening and inspecting beehives. This is a critical piece of equipment to assist in keeping beekeepers safe. This...


Stainless Steel Wire for Wiring Beehive Frames

Strong, 304 stainless steel wire for wiring the frames to enable bees wax foundation to be inserted. For best results, its best to use together with a wiring jig/board. Weight:...
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Warm Weather Beekeeping White Sheepskin Gloves

Warm Weather Beekeeping White Sheepskin Gloves   The gloves are white in colour with a short meshed sleve leading from the wrist. Material: Sheepskin + Mesh Legging Colour: White Weight:...
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Beekeeping Beehive Frame Holder Perch Stand made of Stainless Steel

A great beekeeper/beekeeping equipment tool to hold hive frames. This holder will also save a lot of space for beekeepers whist working inside the hive. It can be an indispensable...
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6Kg Plastic Bee Feeder Tool for Beekeeping Equipment Plastic Frame

6Kg Plastic Bee Feeder Tool for Beekeeping Equipment Plastic Frame Weight: 823g Material: Plastic Type: American style Size: 485*225mm Colour: Black   FREE SHIPPING!Please note: due to high demand, please...
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