Assembled 5 Frame NUC Hive with Frames (Ready To Go)

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Type: Frames Assembled with Plastic Foundation (Wax Coated)
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Ready to Go - Assembled 5 Frame NUC Hive with Frames of Your Choice.

Swarming season means you need NUC hives. This is one of the most useful pieces of equipment that any beekeeper might need. This enables the beekeeper to either:

Uses of these NUC Hives

  • Catch existing swarms
  • Divide/spit existing hive colonies
  • Swarm Traps/baited hives
  • Breed queen bees (Mating NUC's)
  • Have just in case you need that extra emergency hive
  • Much more.

Wax Foundation or Plastic Wax Coated Foundation

Here with the fully assembled NUC Hive Ready-To-Go, you have the choice of having Australian made wooden frames assembled and wired with stainless steel wire and embedded with Australian Bees Wax Foundation. Alternatively you can choose exactly the same frames with Plastic Foundation and wax coated to allow you put this hive straight into the field. The choice is yours.

We can supply this popular Buzzbee nucleus (NUC) hive with a full set of frames so once built is ready to go into action.

  • 5 Frame Size
  • With foldable lid
  • 5 x Full depth frames
  • Assembled with either
    • Australian Beeswax Foundation
    • Hard Wearing Plastic Foundation Wax Coated

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Stephen S.
    Love it will be very useful, now waiting for a swarm

    Wiii send one when I get it filled with bees

    JOHN C.
    Great little NUC box

    This NUC BOX CAME FULLY RRADY FOR USE.lightweight and easy to place in small spaces

    Bruce H.

    The complete assembled frames were sturdy and well constructed. The corroboard Box although functional can do with additional rigidity on the top edge where contact is with the lid.

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