Beehive Entrance Feeder using Soda/Soft Drink Bottle (5 Pack)

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Beehive Portable Entrance Feeder

These versatile little beehive entrance feeder using Soda/Soft Drink Bottles, feeds can be use together with a soda bottle of which is screwed together. This is one of the most popular ways to feed your bees, this portable entrance feeder makes keeping the food supply to your bees quick and simple.

Made to fit a standard snack size soft drink bottle (such as a Coke or Lemonade bottle), simply fill the bottle with your food of choice (such as sugar syrup or straight water for the hot days) and then slide the entrance feeder into the hive and it's ready for your bees.

Such a simple solution which makes such a big difference. No need to disturb your bees or worry about them not having enough food.

This Beehive Entrance Feeder is suitable for feeding on NUC, small hives and standard beehives.

No bottle is supplied with this product.

Package of 5

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